Top 30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

Top 30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

We all know how hard is it to come up with great Shopify designs & that’s why let’s see what the top 30 Shopify stores to take inspiration from in 2020 are.

We’ll look at the top 30 Shopify stores & what are some of the features that make them unique & successful.

You can have an inside look of how well ranking Shopify stores have great designs, perfect product descriptions & many more.

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to copy everything. Take some inspiration from these Shopify stores & start your eCommerce/dropshipping business in 2020.

Let’s dive in.

Top 30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

Below are the Top 30 Shopify Stores according to Let’s take a look at some of the most beautifully branded Shopify stores, shall we?

1. ColourPop

This is a Shopify Store named Colorpop

ColourPop is a beautifully designed beauty website founded in 2014 by Seedbeauty.

If you are starting a Beauty website, then you should definetly check out ColourPop the 1st Shopify store on our list.

One takeaway from ColourPop should be its minimal site design & easy navigation which makes it a very user-friendly website.

2. GymShark

This is a clean Shopify Website Design

GymShark is a classic niche website based on a single niche that is Gym wear.

Gymwear has a sleek modern design that matches their brand & products for their Shopify store.

Gymwear’s website structure is great as almost 99% of their pages are 3 clicks away & that gives them an upper hand with SEO.

3. MVMT Watches

This is a clean ecommerce store design

MVMT is a fashion brand started in 2013. It is one of the successful Shopify store because it creates a sense of tribe among customers that increases customer loyalty.

Just like people pay to massive amount of money to be a tribe member of Harley Davidson, MVMT LIFESTYLE creates a sense of tribe which increases brand loyalty.

Not only this but MVMT has a blog section which is very good for SEO as they also rank in Google with organic traffic.

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    4. Thursday Boots

    This is the official Shopify store of Thursday boots website

    Thursday Boots has one of the best branding matching with their products.

    It emphasizes their High-Quality product with the honest price so customers don’t have to pick Quality OR Price but instead they get both in one deal.

    5. Bee Inspired

    This a Shopify Store of Bee Inspired Brand

    Bee Inspired Clothing has a fun vibe being a clothing brand for men.

    One key takeaway from Bee Inspired Clothing would be their social media. It has great photos that inspire customers to take a look at their online store.

    6. Alo Yoga

    30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    Alo Yoga has a neat minimal web design & keeps its product as a main focus.

    Also, Alo Yoga not only focuses on its product as its main highlight with great images but you can also find videos of the product on the product page of their Shopify store.

    Product videos in the descriptions can increase conversions by 144% & Alo Yoga definitely knows how to increase conversions.

    7. All Birds

    30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    Allbirds is a shoe brand focused on young age demographic & it surely conveys the same message with its branding & fun vibe.

    Also, Allbirds have a live chat option that is very good for conversions as you can resolve any queries that visitors have on the sport & make them the clear path to purchasing the product.

    8. Steve Madden

    This is a website image

    Steve Madden has a clean & modern design conveying the message of a designer brand with high-quality products.

    9. Cupshe

    This is a ecommerce website image

    Cupshe is a womenswear brand made for fun-loving people.

    This Shopify store gives a sense of tribe which people find very interesting & in the age of women empowerment, Cupshe is crushing it.

    10. Morphe

    This is a ecommerce make website image

    Morphe is a loud brand & they use big & bold fonts to make a hype impression with their Shopify store.

    The design of the brand is balanced with the brand’s story & website.

    11. MNML

    Streetwear brand website image

    MNML is a plain minimal streetwear brand. Because of its minimalism, the products on the store are highlighted.

    It has a clean design with easily navigational pages with an option to live chat with customer service on its Shopify store.

    12. BellaBeat

    Makeup brand website image

    BellaBeat is a Tech-jewelry website with a plain & fun design on the Shopify store.

    The brand conveys the message through the brand personality which is very strong with their quality of products & web design.

    13. Kingice

    This is a jewelry store

    Kingice is a streetwear jewelry brand which is famous among young & hip demographic.

    The design on the website is user-friendly with easy navigational pages. If you have a jewelry niche website then you should definetly check out kingice.

    14. Skinnydip

    This is a fashion website design

    Skinnydip is one of the best minimal Shopify stores on our list.

    Great branding, Easy navigation, Minimal design. Skinnydip has scored all the points of being one of the best Shopify store designs.

    15. Vitaly Design

    Shopify Stores

    Toronto based jewelry brand Vitaly designs has a classical website designs with some hip mixed with it.

    16. Woowlish

    Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    Woowlish is a dropshipping store & a classical example of a general store.

    While general stores will not work in 2020 for everyone & single product is the way to go.

    17. Ripndip Clothing

    Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    Ripndip is a great example of a young & hip store. The designs are cool & overall gives a sense of “I don’t care” vibe which I think is what most teenagers aim for.

    It is also an easy navigational website with live chat support which is, by the way, one of the most crucial parts of the Shopify store.

    18. Glorious PC Gaming Race

     Top Shopify Stores

    Glorious PC gaming race is the first Shopify store in our list with a gaming niche.

    The website is exactly how gamers like it. Filled with hip color videos & high-quality products. The Shopify store website is easily navigational & is at its top speed.

    19. Hygoshop

     Top Shopify Stores

    Hygo is another example of a general store that is doing good in 2020.

    If you are opening a general store then you should definitely checkout HygoShop but if you are a newcomer in eCommerce/drop shipping then I would recommend against it.

    20. Toys Sewingo

     Top 30 Shopify Stores

    As the website name & niche suggests, the website design speaks it too. The Shopify store has a great design with kids in mind.

    21. Vanquish Fitness

     Top 30 Shopify Stores

    Vanquish Fitness is a clean & minimal fitness clothing website.

    The minimal Shopify store design helps users focus on the products which is great for conversions.

    22. BlackTailor

     Top 30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    BlackTailor looks like a vintage Shopify store with a sprinkle of modernness.

    23. Vincero

    This is an image of a Shopify Store

    Vincero has a great Shopify store design with an emphasis on the discounts & highlighting the products.

    Watch market is tough to get in & if you are going to start a watch eCommerce store than who better to take inspiration from then Vincero.

    24. The Last Hunt

    Shopify Store

    The last hunt is an adventure niche Shopify store selling winter gear.

    This Shopify store has a neat design & properly categorized pages that work very well for SEO.

    25. BlendJet

    Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From

    Blendjet is a popular website & I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

    It has a great Shopify store design because of an easy navigational system, Live chat support as well as product videos on the home page.

    Videos on the landing page increase conversion by 80%.

    26. Status Anxiety

    Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From

    Status Anxiety is an Australia based accessories Shopify store & has a very good branding.

    Looking at the branding you can easily tell that it’s targeted towards young demographic & has quality products.

    27. Snow

     Top 30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    Snow is a teeth whitening kit with a clean & minimal Shopify store design.

    28. Kith

     Top 30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    Kith is one of the most plain & minimal Shopify store on one list.

    The Shopify store itself looks very branded & is easy to navigate.

    29. KBDfans

    Shopify Stores

    KBDfans is the second gaming niche Shopify store on our list. The gray background across all the website gives users a great focus on the product & has a very important live chat feature.

    30. Incu

    Shopify Stores

    If you know a fashion brand that has a very good branding then you can think Incu. Incu has a sleek modern & fashionable design which stands out from the crowd.


    Shopify stores can be designed in unlimited different ways & if you don’t know what kind of design do you want, then this blog is for you.

    I hope you liked the Top 30 Shopify Stores To Take Inspiration From in 2020

    There are some major takeaways such as live chat feature is very important with a clean design.

    I leave it on you to find the rest of the major takeaways.

    Have questions? Comments? leave them below & I’ll answer them.

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