5 Clever Ways to Increase Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store

5 Clever Ways to Increase Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store

In this blog, you’ll learn 5 Clever Ways to Increase the Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store

Setting up an e-Commerce store is easier than ever in 2019. But what is the use of an e-Commerce store if it does not generate revenue right?

In this blog, I’ll show you precisely 5 clever ways to increase the sales and conversion of an e-commerce store.

Sales & conversions are a crucial part of an e-Commerce store. Even if your e-Commerce store does generate traffic but does not generate sales or conversions, eventually traffic doesn’t matter.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to take your fledgling store and turn it into a powerhouse that generates sales day and night.

5 Clever Ways to Increase the Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store

We’ve put together 5 clever ways to Increase the Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store.

Let’s Dive in!

1. Speed

The first thing a customer knows about you or your brand is the website speed & it is the first impression you make on your potential customer.

If your website loads fast, you’ve already made a strong impression. It’s all phycological.

We relate a fast website to be safe, secure & professional & on the other hand, we relate a slow loading website to be unsafe, insecure & if it loads that slow there is no chance we think its professional right?

Also a very important factor to take in consideration is the Internet is more fast & very easily accessible than ever.

People except to load your website within 1-2 seconds. When we’re on the move, we tend to be even less patient. We want answers fast!

Not only a slow website kills trust, it also kills conversions.

Now, let’s say 100,000 people visit your site every month. If you slowed down to 4 seconds, you could lose 40,000 potential customers.


If slow load speeds are driving people away, then it’s driving your sales away. This isn’t just speculation either. Some of the biggest companies on the planet have tested this out.

Slow website vs Fast Website

2. Up-sells & Cross-sells

If you don’t know what up-sells & cross-sells are, I would recommend you check out this blog – Upsells & Cross-sells

Many people don’t use up-sells & cross-sells & that’s just a waste of a potential customer.

Upselling is a sales technique where the customer is offered a higher-priced option or add-on to the product they are purchasing. Examples of an upsell could be introducing a larger screen to a customer looking at televisions or adding a warranty to the product being sold.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, is offering a complimentary product or service that the original product does not cover. For example, offering a credit card to a customer that is opening a checking account. They are related, but not overlapping, products that the customer might find useful.

Upsell vs Cross-sell

Upselling or cross-selling can both increase your conversion rates drastically. If you don’t know the world’s biggest e-commerce store Amazon does it.


If you don’t Upsell or cross-sell your products, you are missing out on your potential free customers which can increase your revenue as well as conversion rates.

3. Easy Checkout

I’ve seen many brands or startups just starting an eCommerce store & requiring users to sign-in to checkout & that’s a big NO.

Your checkout needs to be as easy as possible. You don’t need to require customers to open an account, because if they still checkout as a guest, you still have the email address for marketing to them in the future.

Apple does a great job at this, and if you’ve ever been through their checkout process, you’ve probably experienced their ‘Guest Checkout’ option.

5 Clever Ways to Increase the Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store

Here’s a great explanation from Joanna Wiebe, that explains the impact of form fields on the checkout process.

5 Clever Ways to Increase the Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store

Many people use add to cart, but that’s a slower path to the customer purchase path.

Always use “Buy with PayPal” as people thus Paypal & thus resulting indirectly buying it instead of wasting time browsing & then leaving the cart.

4. Reviews 

Reviews are the trust factors potential customers see in your website.

If your website does not have reviews 99% of people visiting will not purchase it even tho they like the product.

You can import the reviews from Aliexpress or write it yourself. But make sure there are enough 3–4–5 starts reviews for the customer to trust your website.

Nearly all the stores claim and commit that their product is the best. We cannot trust their words as a parameter for evaluating different products from different sites.

The best judges for a product are the consumer of the product themselves. But all the consumers cannot even theoretically use all the products: this is where Product Reviews come into play.

With the help of Product Reviews, a customer knows exactly what he is buying, what he is being offered and what are the things he can expect from the product. 

5 Clever Ways to Increase the Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store

Also, your store not only should have positive reviews, but also negative reviews are important too.

For a consumer, a negative review provides him with the worst-case scenario he can expect from the product – he would have the exact knowledge about what loopholes he might encounter with the product and make prior precautions.

5. Proper Targeting

This is the main thing that could hurt your sales & conversion rates of your eCommerce store is if you target men’s for lingerie instead of womens then no one is going to buy from you right?

Same goes with your product. Identify your customer personas like Age, Gender, Location, Problems they Face & so & so.

Customer persona is a must if you have an eCommerce store. Scaling out a proper customer persona & verifying it with ads gives you the benefit of proper targeting.

Download Your Customer Persona Sheet Below –

Proper targeting will increase your sales & conversion rates drastically.

If you want to learn more about proper targeting, you can read this blog here – Proper Targeting


There are many other ways you can increase your sales & conversions but the 5 clever ways to increase the sales and conversion of an e-commerce store I mentioned are the basic things you should keep in mind.

If you are the proud owner of an eCommerce store or plan to be one in the near future, you’re probably on the lookout for tactics that will help you boost sales.

Hopefully, as a result of reading this article, you now have a sense as to what steps you can do to achieve just that.

I hope 5 clever Ways to Increase the Sales and Conversion of an e-Commerce Store was a helpful blog for you.

You should definitely do some research in your niche & do what’s best for you. If you do the above tactics I mentioned & be consistent with it, you should start to see the results soo.

What are the tactics you think worked for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

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