5 Tips for Successful Dropshipping in 2020

5 Tips for Successful Dropshipping in 2020

Here are my personal 5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020 by Pratik Patel

I will not waste your time by giving you tips just like every other blogger & other gurus give out there. But these 5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020 will definitely help you get sales.


I’ve personally had 3 failed Shopify stores before I knew what I was doing wrong & how can I cut costs to save money for marketing.

I’ve taken more than 5-10 courses from gurus & none of the & I MEAN NONE OF THEM is actually helping someone who is just starting out & it’s the biggest problem.

You might think how so many gurus are making millions out of dropshipping & you can even get started, right?

Well I can’t promise you millions, but yes I can guarantee it that you can & will make you first sale 🙂

So without wasting any more time, Let’s Dive In!

5 Tips for Successfully Dropshipping in 2020

Okay, so below are the 5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020 & Get started with a successful dropshipping carrier.

1. Getting Started with Dropshipping

You might think this is a typical tip but No, this is not a typical get started with dropshipping tip. But Instead what if I tell you that you can get FREE SHOPIFY for your first 50 orders, not the 7-day free trial.

Getting FREE SHOPIFY FOR YOUR FIRST 50 ORDERS would be crazy right?

You can test as many products you want without any time limit. You only have to start your Shopify monthly once you pass your first 50 orders.

Also, you can easily save $50-$100 on Shopify Plan & that $50-$100 you can put in marketing to get sales.


So how do you get your Shopify Free Plan?

So Shopify offers a development plan for Shopify partners who can create an unlimited number of stores.

And the stores created by Shopify partners are on a Development Plan rather than a Monthly Paid Plan.

Development plan has all the features a normal store would have but more importantly, the plan is free till you receive your first 50 orders.

All you need to do is signup for Shopify Partner account.

5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020

Anyone can join Shopify Partner, you don’t need any special skill or expertise to join Shopify Partner.

Just go to Shopify Partner & Click on the Join Now

Once you are a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of Shopify stores all with Development plan Free for your first 50 orders. No credit card required or anything

So this is a good start, right? Let dive in the 2nd tip…

2. One Product or Niche Dropshipping Store

This is the most common rookie mistake. Everyone that starts out list pants, sunglasses & hats all in one store & that’s wrong.

You should have a one-product store or a niche store period.

If you sell pants, then sell different pants, if you sell sunglasses then sell different types of sunglasses, if you sell hats then sell different types of hats.

One good example is Nike doesn’t sell phones & Apple doesn’t sell shoes.

One product store will help you assert trust & confidence in the minds of potential consumers as you will have only one product & people will trust a company that puts 100% of the focus on one product.

A good example of a one-product store is Mosquito Trap X

5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020

Also offering only one product will give you time to focus on other things like customer service, marketing & new product research.

On the other hand, a niche store will make you an authority in the same niche and at the same time, people will have trust & confidence in your store as well as on your product & services.

A good example of a niche store is Toyshades

Toy shades x Pratik Patel

Niche dropshipping store also allows you to expand in the same niche and be in the niche for a long time instead of just dropshipping one product.

3. Mastering Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

If you have taken tons of dropshipping courses & not still succeeded in dropshipping is because you don’t know how to master Facebook ads.

Also, If you look closely to the dropshipping model, it mainly depends on the Facebook ads. If you master Facebook ads, then you have crossed 80% of your dropshipping path.

Many people put so much effort into finding a good product, the design of the store, graphics, domain name search, etc. that they only put 5%-10% of the effort in mastering Facebook ads.

Just to prove how Facebook marketing is crucial to dropshipping & not the product, we ran a dropshipping store for 4 days in October 2019 with the most available product on the Internet.

5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020
Anti-Theft Backpack

With the most basic theme & only one product Image. The store was designed within half-hour & the domain we purchased was Familyorders.shop which was available for $3.

And the store did GREAT!

Shopify iampratikpatel

The Anti-theft backpack was available on Amazon, Retail & off kinds of other stores too but still, our dropshipping store did great.

Pratik Patel

You know why we succeeded?

Because our Facebook marketing was strong. If you put enough effort into learning Facebook marketing instead of spending days or even months on the design of the store then you will definitely succeed.

Product is important in the dropshipping too but not as important as mastering Facebook ads as ultimately you will need Facebook to drive ads & sales to your online store.

You can get many free courses online from websites such as Udemy, SkillShare, FreeCourseNet, etc.

4. Monitor Your Dropshipping Competitors

If you are dropshipping there is a good chance that you have a lot of competitors. But if you don’t then you might want to ditch that niche because no one else is dropshipping that niche because of some reasons.

So once you know some of your competitors, there’s a 95% chance that they are running Facebook ads to market the product.

And the good news is that you can spy on their Facebook ads for Free.

Go to Facebook Ads Library

5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020
Facebook Ads Library

Put in your competitor’s Facebook page name & boom!

You can see all the ads & ad copies your competitors are running & you will have an idea on what ads work in your niche as competitors will only run ads if they are profitable, right?

Doing this will not only help you in deciding profitable ads but will also save you time in deciding what kind of ads work in your niche like Image ads or Video ads or any other kinds of ads.

This already puts you one step ahead in the dropshipping business as you’ll save a ton of money & time while testing ads & ad copies & you can fully focus on your audience.

5. Fast Shipping for Your Dropshipping Store

As 90% of people & myself, I made the same mistake of dropshipping from Aliexpress & giving my customers a 30-day shipping time for the product they ordered.

At first I thought well customer does not have any other option right? If he wants he can order or I can’t do anything right?

Well, I was wrong. I did get sales but I could see the frustrations in my customer’s emails to me or so.

And as we go on (2019) if you are giving your customers a 30-day shipping time, trust me your eCommerce business will not survive more than a few month or heck a year at last.

Why? because as every eCommerce company in 2019, people are used to getting their shipment within a week (5-7) days.

Take a look at Amazon, if amazon even delayed their shipping times to 7-12 days, they could potentially harm their business.

So if you want to survive in eComm business in 2019 shipping times matter.

But how to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store or even when you are starting out?

Let me show you how.

Fulfillment Centers in China

You might have heard that many drop shippers have agents in China. What they do basically is – You choose your product from Aliexpress – You send the product link to the Fulfilment center – They source the product from outside and bring it to there warehouse – And they ship to worldwide within 5-7 Days thus resulting in a great reduction in shipping time compared to Aliexpress.

There are also many benefits of shipping your product through an agent or a fulfillment center in China ie-

Lower Costs

Not only you get fast shipping but agents or fulfillment centers can cut the product price be 10%-15%.

For example, a product listed on Aliexpress which is on sale for $16, you can get it for $14 through an agent or a fulfillment center.


Even if you get 30-day shipping you are not going to get shipment tracking number which can be very stressful if Paypal needs it to verify that you shipped the product & if you do not provide the tracking number chances are your Paypal account will be put on hold for review.

White Labeling

If you are getting some consistent sales and if you are planning of white labeling the product. and fulfillment centers or agents can help you do that.

Quality checks

There can be circumstances in which the original seller can ship you a defective product (non-intentionally), not to mention the customer has already awaited that product for 30+ days & get a defective product.

Chances are they are going to be pissed & maybe request a refund. And keep in mind you can get banned from Shopify if you receive a certain amount of chargebacks from customers.

And I have not even mentioned many benefits such as below –

How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?
Image credits – Fulfillmen.com

There are many fulfillment centers in China for dropshipping, some of them are (Non-Affiliated) – CJ DropshippingFulfillmen.comFulfillman.comChinaDivision.com, & many more.

You can get all the prices abut shipment, white labeling, custom packaging & more directly from them & they would be more than happy to help.

In the long run, paying fulfillment centers or agents will be cheap than to free ship but at the cost of 30 Days & a customer, you might lose.

How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?

And the only way you keep your customers happy is to provide them a quality checked product & fast shipping time

Short Summary

So for a quick summary the Shopify Partner account that gives you Shopify Free Access till you receive your First 50 Order will save you $29 every month till you pass 50 orders on your store.

Starting a One product or niche store will help you concentrate on one product/niche will, in turn, will help you give more time in learning marketing & product & give the best customer support for your store.

Dropshipping business depends 80% on the Facebook Ads & if you master Facebook ads then you can master dropshipping & other marketing businesses too as Facebook has the biggest audience & mastering Facebook is very profitable.

Ever wonder what kind of ads or ad copies your competitors are advertising? Or are you losing money & time testing ads & ad copies? Well, head to the Facebook Ads Library & spy on your competitors & save a ton of time & money.

Shipping times matter in dropshipping if you want to survive in the dropshipping business or any eCommerce/Online business. Using a Fulfillment agent will save you a ton of time & money too.


These are the 5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020 I think will help you a lot, because these are the excat things that I do & have found success so far doing this.

If you put in enough time learning marketing then trust me dropshipping is the easiest business to be in, because people buy products that help them or they are passionate about.

Don’t assume that dropshipping is dead or it doesn’t work because I’ve tried it many times & it’s a good business model.

Like any business, you have to learn some specific skills in dropshipping too like if you are a plumber, then you should have skills & knowledge about plumbing & the same goes for dropshipping as you should have marketing skills & knowledge about it.

I hope you learned something from this blog “5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020

Have a question? Have a comment? Is there something I missed? Let me know below & I’ll surely try to help you out.

Also what according to you is the most important factor being successful in dropshipping?

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What is Dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. 

Is Dropshipping Dead?

Dropshipping is not dead. There’s a lot of money to be made through this business model, you just have to be a little more creative and start thinking outside the box. Dropshipping has become more competitive making it difficult to sustain on a small scale.

5 tips for successfully dropshipping in 2020

1. Get Started For Free on Shopify
2. One Product or Niche Store
3. Mastering Facebook Ads
4. Monitor your Competitors
5. Get a Shipping Partner

Pratik Patel

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