7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

Let’s start with 7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

I have not been posting that frequently recently because I have been working on a new store on which I will publish a case study later in March I think.

So while working on my new store I got this idea of what are the 7 things dropshippers should know about Facebook ads before running them.

There are many things you should know while running Facebook ads but it’s impossible to know all the things even after you take some courses (Which new dropshippers don’t).

Facebook ads decide if your store will be successful or not. Everything depends on how good you run Facebook ads for dropshipping store.

Keep in mind this is not a Facebook Ads in-depth blog but I’ll list out some main features you can use in Facebook ads that will totally affect your results.

So let’s start with 7 things dropshippers should know about Facebook ads

7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

Below are the 7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

1. Keeping the Social Proof

Many of you new dropshippers might not know that social proof is one of the most important things in a Facebook ad.

But when you run different campaigns & create ads within campaigns, you literally have no social proof on your ad copy & maybe some people won’t engage with your ad for that reason.

Let’s say for example I ran 3 video campaigns on my Facebook page.

Every time I make a new campaign, I’ll upload the video ad & text copy manually every time.

This is okay if you don’t want social proof but when people like or comment on your video ad, those social proof will not show on every ad & that’s a loss.

A simple way you can show social proof on all your video ad is by using POST ID.

All you have to do is go to Facebook Ads Manager & Click on Page Posts

7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

Select Create Post

7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

After you create the post copy the Post ID. (Keep in mind that the post is not editable afterward)

Facebook Ads Manager

Now every time you create a new campaign just paste the post ID & your post with social proof will be ready.

7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.

Doing this you will not have to every time wait for likes & shares on your post instead use 1 post for all your campaigns & show social proof on all campaigns instead of just 1 campaign.

2. Video Ads Work the Best

Video ads on Facebook work very well because the content is very engaging compared to a still image.

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. (Forbes, 2017)

It does not mean that Images don’t work well, but if your product can demonstrate it’s use within 30 secs & if you think showing results will help your customer take action, then video ads is the way to go.

Video ads are beneficial because of many other factors such as, you can retarget people on Facebook based on what percentage of video they watched & the more the % watched, the more likely are they to buy.

93% of marketers say they’ve converted a lead into a paying customer due to video on social media. (Animoto Blog, 2018)

You can use video provided by your supplier or you can even message some suppliers on AliExpress & they’ll provide you the video happily because they want sales too.

So whenever possible, make sure you use video ads for the best conversion rate possible.

3. Scroll Through Demographics & Behaviours

Be real & answer this question, Have you ever scrolled through the demographics & Interests listed by Facebook?

Facebook Ads Manager

Probably not.

I will strongly recommend you scrolling & taking a good look at it & trust me it’s one of the most useful things you can do.

For example, I did not know that you can target people based on their Income or you can even target pop 10% income earner people in a specific country & that’s wild.

There will be many behaviors or demographics that can help you with your specific product & so it’s really helpful.

Let’s get to the 4th point of “7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.”

4. Use Facebook Audience Insights + Google Trends

Using Facebook Insights can be really helpful but if you combine it with Google trends then you can be more accurate & specific with your targeting.

I mainly target people with the use of Facebook audience insights to know their age, pages they like, status & use Google trends to find the location, like where are the most queries from.

This is really helpful so for a specific product like eyeliner, for example, you don’t have to target the whole USA & lose money but instead you can target people in New York, Nevada, California, New Mexico & Arizona.

Google Trends & Facebook Ads Insights

Targeting specific locations with the help of Google trends can really help you convert as people in New York are most likely to convert compared to New Jersey.

5. Spying on Competitors Facebook Ad Copy

Keeping an eye on your competitors is one of the most important things you can do in dropshipping because dropshipping is competitive.

Spying on your competitor’s ad copy can really help you figure out what works in your niche because if a competitor is running that ad (Image/Video) with a specific text copy that means it converts!

You can easily do that by going to Facebook Ads Library & Type in your competitor’s Facebook page name.

Facebook Ads Library

And BOOM! You can see all their Ads, Ad copies, Videos, Ad locations, Platforms, etc.

This can be a really great tool for a new dropshipper or even for you if you use it in a proper way & utilize it.

6. Placements

Placements are pretty common & I think most of dropshippers know what are the best placements for your ad but for those who don’t know.

When starting or running your ad for the first time as a dropshipper I’d suggest you only use Facebook Feed & Instagram Feed because those are the most converting places.

Other placements might get you conversion too but there’s a bigger chance it won’t & so Facebook & Instagram Feeds can be the best option for you.

If you are running on a very low ad budget then I suggest you run ads on Facebook & Instagram Feed but only for Moblie.

Because again Individuals use Facebook on Mobile compared to Desktop & mobile conversion rates are high too.

7. ReTargeting

Facebook ads work the best for retargeting. Retargeting can get you the best conversion because of the LAL audience (Lookalike audience), visitor retargeting, etc.

You have to take a Facebook course or have to at least watch a Facebook retargeting tutorial as it’s a section on its own.

But nonetheless, people make more money by retargeting ads than on original ads.

You should have at least a 100 email list of people who purchased from you or at least 10k visitors to start your retargeting ads.


The above 7 points are some of the points I consider important & was glad I learned about Facebook marketing.

If possible to learn in-depth you should take a Facebook ads in-depth course available on Udemy for $10 maybe or Free on SkillShare (2 months Premium free)

Facebook is the backbone of dropshipping & I think if you master that dropshipping can really work out for anyone.

So that’s “7 Things Dropshippers Should Know About Facebook Ads.”

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Have any questions? Comments? Leave them below & I’ll answer them.

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      Facebook ads is pretty good however, they are so damn strict. What are your thoughts on Google Ads? I feel they are much less strict.

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