How Coronavirus can Affect Your Dropshipping Business

How Coronavirus can Affect Your Dropshipping Business

Coronavirus Dropshipping Update. (This is not a blog)

We all know recently there’s a virus called coronavirus that is actively spreading from China.

But just when you just it cannot affect you, it will.

Coronavirus Dropshipping Update

As coronavirus is originated from Wuhan, China. Chinese government has shut down most of the businesses to keep safety.

This also impacts dropshippers as the shipments will be delayed & we don’t know when the services will fully start again but hopefully starts on 10 Feb according to CJ Dropshipping.

Coronavirus Dropshipping Update

This virus followed by the Chinese new year is doing great damage to many dropshipping businesses as Chinese suppliers are on leave from 19th Jan – till now.

Guess this is not a good year for dropshippers.

But the good news is if you are using CJ dropshipping, then CJ team told us that they are currently shipping products.

Some Chinese suppliers are too shipping products but most of them are not.

You can track the spread of Coronavirus live HERE

Coronavirus Dropshipping Update

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So that’s the Coronavirus Dropshipping Update.

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