Dropshipping Courses Legit or Not? (Unbiased)

Dropshipping Courses Legit or Not? (Unbiased)

Are Dropshipping Courses on the Internet legit or Not?

So I have not posted in a while because I’m in the process of starting a new dropshipping store.

I’ll share the case study next month I think so.

While I was in the process of creating a new store, I came across the idea of writing a blog about dropshipping courses & what you should expect.

Now I have been asked which dropshipping courses do I recommend & I could never answer that question because of many reasons which I’ll share later on.

Dropshipping courses started popping up on the Internet in mid-2018 & the dropshipping business has never been the same.

There are a lot of cunts, in fact 90% of dropshipping gurus are little fucking cunts who legit don’t know anything about the business or hell even don’t know how to teach.

Let’s Dive in.

Dropshipping Courses Legit or Not?

So let’s start with what dropshipping courses I’ve taken & what do I recommend & so on.

1. Dropshipping Courses I’ve Taken

I’ve taken many dropshipping courses because I wasn’t born a “guru” like everyone else.

I also still take dropshipping courses if I think they are worth it because they might have some different technique or

some new idea that I don’t have & I can take advantage of that in this business.

But as I’ve seen some best & some worst courses on the Internet about dropshipping, the more courses I watch, the more angrier I get.

Watching all the fucks that sell $0 worth of courses for $500-$1000-$2000 & bring no value to the student whatsoever.

So here’s are the courses I’ve personally taken.

1. King Comm

Dropshipping Courses

This was the first course I watched when I was starting dropshipping &

let me tell you the store got banned on Facebook.

The guy legit taught the viewers (me) to try to sell the products in a way that will get 90% of the user’s ban from Facebook ads & the same thing happened to me.

He taught me to write a description that will relate to poverty in some way & how my products help them

Little did I know that Facebook has different rules for running ads in every country & poverty-related ads on Facebook get bans.

Because of that dumb fuck & my own mistakes, my 1 & only personal Facebook account got banned

But I created a new one & waited over 6 months for it to be old & started a new Facebook ad account. But that’s a story for another blog.

Also, he has been caught showing Fake results.

Guy literally makes videos on products to sell that were trending 9-12 ago & advises users to dropship outdated products. Like wtf?

Tell you what, he’s not even that bad compared to Justin painter.

2. Justin Painter

Justing Dropshipping Courses

I took Justin painter’s course after I had a decent knowledge of dropshipping & advanced Facebook ads knowledge.

This guy is the worst when it comes to gurus because he tells outright lies that anyone with dropshipping knowledge knows that this course is 100% shit.

I’ll break down a few lies, so during the course, he says he doesn’t know how to run Facebook ads & his “Friend” with an agency that does millions in revenue helps him dropship.


He starts the course in front of the camera looking like he just woke up & no professionalism at all.

This is an sign of a rookie. He doesn’t even spend time editing the course like he just wants your fucking money & that’s it.

His so-called friend is a fucking VA (Which is good for him btw) who he hired from Upwork & gave him a script to read in front of the camera to teach people Facebook Ads.

Like what kind of sick fck does that? If you don’t know-how, then don’t make a course about that business.

He was literally teaching bluff & wrong things in Facebook ads (I have advanced in that course) that will lead to losses for people learning from that course.

I don’t want to make this blog big & hence I’ll leave the rest on you to decide.

By the way, he starts a video in the middle of the night to show a phone getting Shopify sales.

He has no respect that people paid $500 for his course & his responsibility is to properly edit and act professional with relevant data.

In short, he is a total little fcking cunt who will be not in the market after 2 years.

3. Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course

Dropshipping Courses

Now I was surprised when I finished this course that, how little value does this course brought.

I watched Biaheza’s YT channel & the guy seemed legit but still the course brought very little or no value because it focused on creating the store more than running it.

Also, he can’t teach in a professional way that students understand like we see on Udemy, SkillShare.

The course can be great for beginners if it’s listed for a $10 price based on the value it brings.

2. Dropshipping Courses Lessons

I can’t possibly list all the courses & all the experiences I’ve had with fake dropshipping gurus because it’s just too much hate.

Also, keep in mind most of these guru’s teaching you this business are 19-23 years old which means they’ve barely started to understand the business themselves & they are already selling courses worth $1000s to you which is crazy.

It’s the same people that write their own biography by the time they reach 25/30.

They are all full of shit. Well, not all but 95% of them are.

If you are a new dropshipper to this business then I would recommend you staying away from fake gurus like these.

3. Other Options for Dropshipping Courses

Well, so what are the other options you might ask.

You have to learn dropshipping but fake gurus like these make it hard & of course you can’t learn it all on Youtube & School is not teaching you this, then how can you start?

Well, there are few options to learn Dropshipping & not lose money.

1. Udemy

I know many people think that Udemy is wack & not many teachers are great but let me tell you this:

Udemy teachers are far more experienced & professional than the 24-year-old fake gurus.

You can literally take a course for $10 & learn from 100 different courses & you still have just spend like $100 compared to giving $500+ for a course from a 20-year-old.

2. SkillShare

SkillShare can be a great option for you because SkillShar offers FREE PREMIUM for 2 Months when you signup from my link & for every friend you refer, you get an additional 2 months free.

Also, SkillShare courses are very high quality & professionally made that even if you purchase a monthly package of $15, you get all the unlimited courses for free.

3. GroupBuy

If both Udemy & Skillshare don’t work for you & you still want to buy a course from an online guru, maybe fake, maybe not.

then Groupbuy can be the best option for you.

There are many websites that sell in Groupbuy & you can be in the group for as low as $50 & you’ll get access to everything.

Putting $500-$1000 without even taking the course is stupid & trust me the refund policy of these online gurus are one of the worst things you’ll see.

I can’t list the GroupBuy websites but if you want to know, just comment below & I’ll send you some trusted Groupbuy websites.


So I hope it was clear that these dropshipping courses from 24-year-olds are not legit & 95% of them are full of shit.

If you are interested in watching some famous fake gurus like Kevin David, Dan Lok getting caught red-handed,

then check out Coffeezilla’s Youtube Channel.

Taking courses from Udemy, SkillShare is the best option I can direct you to learn dropshipping

They are cheap & made for students to understand.

Dropshipping courses will keep popping up till there is dropshipping Hype in the market

And these gurus are just trying to make a quick buck.

If dropshipping was that easy, then they would never make a course explaining how to do it. They know it’s not that easy & it’s far easy taught than done.

Have any questions? Comments? Leave them below & I’ll answer them.

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