Top 27 Dropshipping Niches of 2020

Top 27 Dropshipping Niches of 2020

Let’s start with Top 27 Dropshipping Niches of 2020.

Dropshipping Niches are a big question mark when for newbies in dropshipping business.

With 1000s & 1000s of new products available every day, it’s hard to select a niche you can dropship in to.

I’ve had many questions like how can I choose a dropshipping niche? Which niche is profitable? etc.

In this blog, I’ll show you a long list of top 27 dropshipping niches of 2020 & I will answer how to choose the right niche but also which dropshipping niches are most profitable in 2020.

So if you are looking for the best dropshipping niches in 2020, then you are in the right place.

Let’s dive in.

Dropshipping Niches 2020

Every dropshipping niche I’m going to mention in the list below is highly researched & I’ll try to fit in as much data as possible.

1. Baby Care Niche

Babycare niche is one of the evergreen niches because the products sold in this niche are mostly impulsive.

In fact, my 2nd dropshipping store was a baby care niche & made my first ever sale.

Now you don’t have to dropship health-related products like any powder or anything but you can dropship playful pillows, baby carrier (The new one), etc.

Most of the targeted audience is newlywed couples or couples who just had children or parents with toddlers & these audiences are one of the easiest to sell.

With birth rates increasing up to 1% per year in the USA only, the market is pretty big & great for dropshipping.

2. Pet Care Niche

Pet care niche is as similar as the baby care niche because people treat their pets as their babies & that’s a special bond they share.

I have seen many products pop-ups in mid-2019 like paw cleaner, water feeder, fur remover, etc & these are all great examples of pet care products.

These products help solve problems pet owners have & so whenever you sell a solution, there’s usually a huge demand.

I even saw one video on Oberlo on 1 man making over 100K selling cat litter mats & that’s a great example of solving a problem too.

3. Pet Accessories Niche

Pet accessories & Pet care can come in the same niche but as dropshipping is easy for one product store, pet accessories are differentiated.

Also, Pet accessories is a great niche to enter because 90% of the time pet accessories are cheap & even after you cut it’s still cheap for customer to buy.

Low price products do very well because almost everyone can afford it & since it’s in the pet niche, it’s more of an impulse buy.

4. Kids Clothing

Kids clothing is a big untapped niche but it’s gaining popularity now.

Even Billie Eilish recently launched a kids clothing line & it’s too cute actually.

Parents are the prime target in this Industry & if you establish yourself as a brand & have the cutest clothes, kids clothing niche can be great for you.

But keep in mind clothing has the highest return rate & even Shopify starting from 31st March 2020, won’t refund the fees. Read this blog for more.

5. Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing is a very big niche & has a lot of sub-niches in it.

But nonetheless, it’s the biggest & most profitable niche you can enter in.

Top 27 Dropshipping Niches of 2020

Women’s clothing has a lot of competition & also the highest return rate of products, but that’s the price of any successful niche.

Floryday is the best example of a great women’s clothing dropshipping store.

Here are some of the sub-niches in Women’s clothing –

Top 27 Dropshipping Niches of 2020

I do not suggest you going into women’s niche until you have some experience or knowledge into that niche.

Mainly if you are a man because most would not know the trends or taste that girls are into & that’s why I recommend it to most women only.

6. Men’s Clothing Niche

Now if you are looking for getting into the clothing line & you have a pretty good experience & knowledge with it then I would suggest you start here.

Clothing is a great niche, even I wanted to start a clothing line a few years back but it didn’t work out.

The clothing niche requires a high level of determination because it can be really competitive & fashion changes like the wind.

From what I have seen most dropshippers dropship streetwear clothing as they are more trendy than a regular tee-shirt or a shirt.

Here’s a list of all the sub-niches in men’s clothing niche –


7. Fitness Clothing Niche

Health & Fitness is the goal of most people in 2020 & Fitness clothing is one of that.

Clothing Google Trends

See that spike? That’s the new year’s resolution of most people but nonetheless, Fitness is an evergreen niche.

You can either choose to sell products to one gender or even both. I’d go with both because there’s not a reason not to.

Fitness niche is also brandable if you are successful with your dropshipping store giving you an opportunity to grow.

Fitness related dropshipping niches are very expandable as people follow a lot of Fitness Influencer & getting your brand name out there is very easy.

8. Health & Fitness Accessories Niche

As fitness is an evergreen niche, selling/dropshipping fitness-related accessories is a great way to enter the niche.

Accessories & other stuff are quite cheap & customers can easily purchase those kinds of products without hesitating about the price.

You can sell Yoga mats, Gym Bottle, many other accessories as I can’t name them all because I don’t go to Gym.

But you get the point right?

It’s the same as you can’t sell AirPods but selling AirPods case is cheap & something people can easily buy.

9. Automobile Accessories Niche

A lot of people don’t think of this but Automobile accessories are a pretty big & profitable niche.

According to Citylab, 88% of Americans own a car.

That’s a very big market. Your products can be sold to 88% of Americans & most people already are.

Accessories like seat cushion, navigational tech, pregnant seatbelt, scratch remover, & other tons of things.

People tend to buy trendy products for their car as they cannot buy a new car every year, people look for accessories to get a something new feel.

So if you have an interest in cars & bikes then you can try this niche out.

10. Spiritual Niches

Spirituality is kind of a big deal & people spend a lot of money on spiritual things such as healing crystals. It’s one of the top dropshipping niches out there.

You can sell a lot of things associated with spiritual niches like crystals, T-shirts, pendants, photo frames, bracelets & a ton of other things but we will take healing crystals as our example.

Google Trends

There are a lot of people who believe that crystals can heal us which by the way I have no problem with, but you can make a ton of money with this.

Healing crystals have literally less than 0.5% return rate which means once sold, you don’t have to invest in customer service much.

The main target audience for spiritual niches will be women’s are 90% of shoppers that shop Healing crystals are women.

11. Camping Niche

Camping & Adventures is one of the seasonal dropshipping niches out there.

Dropshipping Niches

There are a lot of sub-niches you can expand to in camping such as camping food, camping accessories, camping clothing, etc.

Camping niche has a high customer value because people don’t go out on camping alone.

Also once, people buy from you then you establish yourself as a brand & so chances are people will repeatedly buy from you because of your quality & service.

There are a lot of camping suppliers in the USA so your shipping time will be max 4-7 Days which is great.

12. Watch Niche

The watch market has been in dropshipping for a while but most people do not succeed in it & there are a lot of reasons for it.

The one being people want to wear a brand & dropshipping simply cannot provide that but there’s a way around it.

Dropshipping Chinese made watches is not a good idea but you can dropship unique watches that cannot be found anywhere else.

For example, I talked to a dropshipping store owner who dropshipped only wooden watches which turned out to be great gifts for many people.

The secret sauce here is to be unique in this market. Still watch market has a cut-throat competition & if I were you, I would not go for it.

14. Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is kind of a broad dropshipping niche.

I do not recommend dropshipping consumer electronics as electronics have a high return rate as well as you cannot trust Chinese tech for most parts.

It’s kind of a risky niche to be in both money & health risk wise.

But still here’s a list of all consumer electronics sub-niches –

Dropshipping Niches

I personally have not seen successful dropshippers in the consumer electronics niche so I can’t really comment on what’s good or not.

15. Home Decor

Home decor niche is more of an evergreen niche then trendy.

The benefits of a home decor niche are a steady performance & not seasonal. You can fill up your store with timeless classics, trendy & other styles.

But the main thing to keep in mind while running a home decor store is you’ll need a USA supplier.

You can contact sellers on Etsy & negotiate a low rate for you & they will ship the products, that way you don’t have to worry about the shipping & all as they already have experience with it.

You can target people who just moved or have shown interest in Ikea or anything like that.

If you want to learn more about Home decor niche then check this out.

16. Jewelry Niche

If you are a man just like me you might not know that jewelry niche is a very big niche.

When I started working with a dropshipping store that had 200-300 orders a day then I saw how big jewelry niche can be.

But as there is a lot of competition in the jewelry niche, not everyone can succeed but if your product is something unique than definitely you can.

You can even combine the spiritual niche & jewelry niche as most healing crystal stores do & you have a great niche.

If you don’t have a taste or experience for jewelry then I highly suggest you pile up a ton of competitors so you’ll have an idea of the best selling products & plus you can also spy on their Facebook ads.

17. Makeup

Now makeup is not a dropshipping niche perse (it may be) but there’s a lot to earn from new makeup products.

You can even narrow it down to makeup accessories which is a great niche.

But nonetheless, makeup products are one of the fast-selling items because it taps into the emotions of the buyer.

Selling eyelashes, makeup pouches, professional blush foundations (one of the best selling products in 2019), lipsticks, eyeliner, etc.

Influencers play a big part in this niche so you can advertise your products through influencers & micro-influencers too.

18. Haircare & Styling

This dropshipping niche is relatively small compared to other niches but haircare & styling is a trust depended on the niche so if successful, returning customer rate can be high.

But again I don’t recommend you dropshipping any Chinese product because not every product is good.

You can find suppliers in the USA with no brand exposure & sell their products or if you think the Aliexpress product is good then I’d recommend you trying first & see.

As I said earlier if a customer likes your product then chances are he will return again & again & you can even start a subscription service once you have some data in the niche.

Good for people who have Interested in such a niche otherwise it can be a headache.

19. Hobbies Niche

Hobbies is an evergreen dropshipping niche.

You can sell products like musical instruments, swimwear accessories, something related to running & a ton of other things.

Niching down to one hobby niche & selling products only in that particular niche can increase your authority.

More so people are likely to purchase a product related to their hobby because it adds more fun/eliminates problems & user satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hobbie niche is evergreen but a brad niche so I will recommend to take the time & figure out which hobby niche you want to serve & do your research.

20. Smartphone Accessories

According to Oberlo, there are an estimated 3.5 billion smartphone users in 2020 & that number is going to jump up to 3.8 billion in 2021.

Also, an important factor to keep in mind is not all people purchase smartphones every year, for most people like me it’s 2-3 years, maybe more.

Given these stats, smartphone accessories are one of the best niches to get in you have a unique problem-solving product.

I never talk about gurus (lol) but according to an Oberlo Interview, Scott Hilse made his first successful dropshipping store with a magnetic iPhone case.

But the key here is to sell a unique new item that has a lot of audience for ex – Selling android cases can be hard because of a ton of android brands but selling iPhone cases is easy because it’s 1-3 models every year.

21. Print on Demand Niche

Print on demand is a niche that you can combine with others such as a dog niche.

The best example of this is PetCanva, as it’s a POD store for dog merchandise & it’s doing great.

POD stores work great because sellers like Teespring, RedBubble, CafePress, etc are sellers with experience in POD & can ship fast anywhere in the world.

Also, the 2nd thing would be that most sellers don’t accept returns on POD as it’s a custom product & most people know that so return rates are lower.

Check out this guide from Oberlo for the POD business.

22. Garden Niche

Home & gardening dropshipping niche is a seasonal summertime dropshipping niche.

Garden Niche Google Trends

I remember coming up with a gardening product when I first started dropshipping but I never tried that product. The product was unique & amazing though.

Most people love gardening like me & are willing to do some purchases if it makes gardening more fun & easy.

You can find a ton of unique products to sell on Etsy as well as AliExpress but remember to choose or find a USA based supplier.

The target demographic for the gardening niche will be 35- and above because most people in their 20s don’t do it.

23. Security Products

Security products dropshipping niches is kind of a hard niche to keep up with.

The main reason being Facebook has some different policies for selling security products like cameras, self-defense products, etc.

But once you refer the policy thoroughly, you’ll be able to differentiate what kind of ads to run & what not to.

Security Products are a very big niche & establishing yourself as a brand can have a high customer return rate.

24. Sports & Outdoors

Sports & Outdoors is a niched down version in Hobbies niche.

For this, you don’t particularly have to sell the ultimate item but you can sell the accessories,

For example, you don’t have to sell a skateboard, but you can sell the knee & handguards, Helmets, Skateboard stickers, skateboard trucks, etc.

Selling the main item can have a high return rate but selling accessories is cheap, fast & most probably no return rate.

Same goes for outdoors stuff, I never recommend to sell high ticket products to new drop shippers because you just can’t sell it.

New dropshippers are better sticking with accessories products & mid-range products.

25. Gaming Niche

My favorite niche & Gaming niche has an audience more than any other niche.

Almost everyone at some point loves playing with games & then there are gamers who always love it.

The gaming niche has a lot of potentials as there are a lot of items to sell such as Gaming merch, PlayStation skins, Gaming accessories, etc. Also if you can white-label those products then you can establish yourself as a brand.

You can easily dropship gaming accessories from AliExpress, Print Gaming merch from Teespring or dropship from Etsy too.

Want some inspiration for the gaming niche? Check this out.

26. Handmade Products

The best example of handmade products can be found on Etsy & Etsy, one of the biggest market place founded on the idea of Handmade items is an example in itself on how big the niche is.

This dropshipping niche can be narrowed down to very specific products or another niche that you might be interested in for example a handmade wood furniture, jewelry, etc.

A good reason to be in this niche is that you control the prices & have almost no competitors because not many people have tapped in to dropshipping.

Also, a handmade product niche is not something you can leave behind after a week or a month if it does not work, but rather it’s more of a building a brand.

27. Art & Collectibles

There are many dropshipping stores not popping up with art & collectibles like Action figures, Bobbleheads, Wall Art, etc.

Also, people collect action figures & bobblehead is a great gift for your loved ones & it’s kinda cute.

Same goes for Wall Art as almost everyone has in their homes either it’s motivational, nirvana or just art.

But dropshipping in this niche can be hard as you will have to test-test-test with Facebook ads to find the right kind of audience & at the start that can be budget draining as well as hard to keep up.

Definetly not recommended for new dropshippers.

Which Dropshipping Niches Should You Choose?

Now I’ve been asked this many times, that How should I choose a niche? But there’s no simple answer to that.

I’ll explain.

Let’s first understand the dropshipping business. Dropshipping business is basically selling someone else’s products till it’s in trend & then move on to the next product.

Due to this, you don’t really have the option to choose a dropshipping niche but you have to choose trendy products that can sell fast.

But if you are someone like me & want to build a brand out of it then this blog is right for you but it’s a hell lot harder than simply dropshipping & jumping from products to products.

So keep this in mind that unless you want to build a brand in a particular niche you are interested in, then below is the answer to your question or if you just want to dropship then I would recommend you to find trendy products & not niche.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing A Niche

There are certain things that you should know before entering that niche. Now, this does not make you immune to failure but reduces your chance of failure drastically.

Let jump in.

1. Demand

Before jumping in any niche you should always have an idea of that niche is doing. Is it on a downfall? or is it about to go up?

You can use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner to find out the Estimated searches for in your niche.

I suggest it should be around 1k-10k minimum.

2. Analyze Competition

Before entering any niche competition analyzing is very crucial & figuring out what your competition does for his success is important.

You can do this in many ways for example by going to Moz Domain Analysis & enter any one of your competitors URL & you’ll find 10 more competitors.

You can see what type of ads they are running on Facebook Ads library.

Subscribe to their email list so you know what kind of & how regular they push out their content.

3. Standout

Standing out in a crowded market in the key to any successful business.

It all comes down to your product quality, your shipping & return services & after-sales support.

If you have a good service combined then you can expect return customers but if you don’t have it then it will not become a successful business.


So that’s it.

That’s my list of 27 dropshipping niches to choose from in 2020.

Of course, I know I must have missed something, let me know what I missed in the comments section below & I’ll add it to the list.

What do you think? Is this blog helpful for you to choose the right niche for you?

You can refer to this blog as well if you are having trouble finding the right dropshipping niche.

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