Dropshipping Questions Answered | 12 Most Common Questions

Dropshipping Questions Answered | 12 Most Common Questions

Recently I’ve been noticing that people of dropshipping communities ask the same questions again & again and most of them are newbies. So I thought let’s make a blog about the 12 Most Advanced but Common Dropshipping Questions Answered.

There are 100s of questions a new dropshipper has but I can’t really answer all the questions but I have gathered a list of questions & I’ll do my best to answer all of them.

Also, keep in mind this blog is not about answering a common question like what is dropshipping but some of the most advanced questions (At least I think they are slightly advance 😛 )

Let’s dive in.

Dropshipping Questions Answered | 12 Most Common Questions

Below are the 12 most asked dropshipping questions answered. I’ll try to add more and more questions in the future.

Dropshipping Questions Answered | 12 Most Common Questions

1. Do you need an LLC to start a dropshipping business?

The answer is NO. You don’t need an LLC until your dropshipping business is making consistent sales of 10K & above.

The reason you don’t need an LLC is because most of the times dropshipping businesses don’t make it that far.

Don’t get me wrong. You can easily scale your business above 10k but just when you are starting a dropshipping business for the first time, chances are you won’t cross a consistent sales of 10K.

So when starting out, don’t worry about all of this & just focus on your dropshipping business & look back at legal docs when your business is consistent.

2. How can I start my drop shipping if I’m 17 or young?

You can easily start a dropshipping business regardless of your age, but age mainly requires when you want to send/receive money in dropshipping business as PayPal, Shopify payments works for people above 18.

A quick way to get around this is using your Moms, Dads, Bigger Brother’s, Sister’s name in the business as you can accept & send payments with their accounts.

This was a huge problem for me too as I was 19 but Shopify required a credit card which I can’t get right now as the min-age is 21 & so I used my sister’s credit card (she’s 22) & everything’s good.

3. Can I use Youtube Ads for Dropshipping?

Yes you can, but why would you use youtube ads for them?

YouTube is a platform where people already have in mind what they want to watch & product ads (mainly dropshipping ones) won’t work on YouTube.

Similarly, Facebook is where people explore new things such as photos, videos, their friend’s stories, etc & so product ads can do much better on Facebook than on YouTube.

4. Why I’m getting traffic but no conversions?

Ah the classic one. This can be because of several factors but before going into every factor just keep in mind that you need at least 10,000 visits to your store before it starts converting.

It is because the Facebook pixel needs time to warm up & study the target behavior. Also, It’s not guaranteed that you will need 10,000 or more visitors but 10K visitors are enough to warm your pixel up.

I’ve seen people complain after they run a $5 campaign & they get 700 visitors but no conversion. Wait for the pixel to warm up to see the best results.

Also, make sure you read this guide – Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

5. Which Dropshipping Courses Should You Buy?

This is the main question I wanted to answer in this blog “Dropshipping questions answered”

Because all dropshipping gurus sucks. They are teaching courses because they can’t make money on Shopify & that’s the main truth.

Check out Coffeezilla’s YT to learn more about all the famous gurus & how they fake it.

I recommend you take Free courses from Udemy, SkillShare (2 months premium Free) & try to learn as much as possible.

Pro Tip – If you want to succeed in dropshipping then become a master in Facebook ads because Facebook ads are the backbone of a dropshipping store.

6. What is the minimum budget required to open a dropshipping store?

This budget may not suit some people but I started off with this budget & it totally worked for me.

Shopify Fee – $29

Domain – $9.99

Theme – Free

Oberlo – Free

Basic Shopify Apps – Free

PayPal – Free

Facebook Ads – $50-$100

Cash in Hand – $100 ( To fulfill orders because PayPal will clear the Payment 2nd Day & You’ll have to dispatch the order Asap)

Total – $100-$200

You work between 100 to 200 bucks easily & start a successful dropshipping store.

7. Shipping Time- To Include or Not to Include?

If you are still dropshipping with AliExpress with the standard delivery time of 30 Days to 50 Days then you have to be upfront about it.

If you lie on the first thing that they trust, then being in the dropshipping business will be bad for you.

Always be upfront about your policies & shipping times because late shipments are the most frustrating thing for a consumer (from personal experience).

Also if you need to cut your shipping times then read this – How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?

8. When to know it’s time to kill a site and try a new niche/product?

I kill a site & try a new product whenever I feel confident about it. It depends hugely on the product & how are you specifically advertise a product.

Many times trending products are hard to sell because of the wrong targeting & advertisement.

So if you think everything is in the right place with product & marketing & still it’s not working out for you then, I’d move on.

9. How can you ship your products to customers in 5-12 Days?

Using an agent or a Fulfillment center which are great for dropshipping as the shipping times are one of the most important things you should look out for.

Read the full blog here – How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?

10. Can I use .co, .in, .uk, .shop, etc Domains?

Yes, you can use any domains of your choice. I don’t think customers have a huge knowledge of domains & it doesn’t matter.

I’ve run stores with .co & .shop too & both worked well. It doesn’t really matter but don’t buy .xyz, .tz or some spammy domains like that.

Any domains work until your store looks good & your domain name sounds great.

Pro Tip – If you want to use a .com domain then use a 3word domain ie – instead of buying pet.com which will be above $1k, buy petsforlife.com which will be under $12.

11. Should I buy an existing dropshipping store?

The answer is NO. Never buy an existing dropshipping store because sooner or later that dropshipping business will be going out of trend & you’ll have a considerable loss.

I actually wrote an article about this yesterday, check it out – Should You Buy A Dropshipping Business?

12. Influencer Marketing VS Facebook Marketing

This is where I was stuck for a very long time. Both have it’s own up & downs but depends on your situation anyone of them can work for you.

Influencer marketing is best when you have an understanding of the niche & the pages you are going to market on. I’d suggest you take some time to research & read this article if you want to go ahead with Influencer marketing.

I personally like to go with Facebook ads because I can start off with a w budget ($5/day) & the main reseason because I’m in control of that.

Whereas Influencer marketing is depended on hope & Facebook marketing is depended on stats.

If you have time & ability to learn Facebook Ads then I would recommend you going with Facebook ads or else Influencer is great too.

Conclusion – Dropshipping Questions Answered

I hope this blog Dropshipping Questions Answered was helpful to you.

I’ll be adding more questions & answers regularly & If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below & I’ll add them to the list.

Share this article to help your newbie dropshipper friend or community.

Have any questions? Comments? Leave them below & I’ll answer them.

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