Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads – Complete Guide 2020

Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads – Complete Guide 2020

Let’s get into Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads – Complete Guide 2020

Dropshipping without Facebook ads really excites me because for a long time I personally thought that it was not possible.

This can be really used when you accidentally blocked your Facebook ads manager & there’s no other way to run ads for your dropshipping store.

When my 1st Facebook ad account got blocked, it really messed up my first store but I didn’t know that you can run a store without Facebook ads.

Also as we go on Facebook is coming up with new strict policies and if you want to have another option open then this blog is for you.

Let’s dive in.

Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads

This blog can help newbies who 60% of the time get their Facebook ad accounts blocked & don’t know what to do after that.

Below are the 6 ways you can start a dropshipping store without Facebook ads.

1. Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers can push your product to a very specific market which, in turn, can increase your conversion rates even better than Facebook ads.

But if you are a new dropshipper I would recommend you going after micro-influencers as they charge less plus they have a more targeted audience than a big influencer.

You can also run free ads with Instagram Influencers by offering them a free product if it’s worth what Influencer is charging that way you get a free ad & he/she get’s a free product.

Also running ads through Instagram influencer can be very profitable for you because the followers has a trust with the influencer & so you will have a high conversion rate than Facebook ads.

Let’s jump on the 2nd point of Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads.

2. Instagram Page Shoutouts

Now, this is slightly different than running ads with Instagram influencers.

As we all know, Memes are becoming a part of our societies in 2019. Everyone follows a meme page on Instagram.

Meme pages can be a great option for you to run ads if your product is specifically new, something funny, unique, etc.

And kid you not, meme pages can be profitable as hell because nowadays, you can follow any meme page for 2 days & 100% you will see a dropshipping ad.

A big plus is meme pages have a very huge following plus the engagement rate is very high, so the chances of your ad doing great are very very high.

Let’s jump on the 3rd point of Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads.

3. Google Ads for Dropshipping

Google Adwords is a great alternative for Facebook ads.

The main difference between Facebook ads & Google ads would be the customer Intent.

People who search for a specific product on Google are more likely to buy that product than a person scrolling through their Facebook feed & seeing your ad.

But to run ads on Google your product should be in trend ie- there should be a minimum of 1k searches related to your product.

If you run a Google ad for a product that no one is searching for or have no searches related to it then it’s just a waste of money.

But running Google ads four your dropshipping store is a whole other topic for a blog which I will publish soon.

Google also gives out coupons regularly of $30-$50 to run ads for free & also is not as strict compared to Facebook.

Let’s jump on the 4th point of Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads.

4. Bing Ads

Now I’m not suggesting you run Bing ads right away because I have not tried it yet & I can’t really say about the results you get from Bing ads.

Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads
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While only 8% of people use Bing on Desktop & 1% of people use Bing on Mobile, Bing is still is one of the bigger search engines out there.

Using Bing is beneficial because Bing has less competition than Google so you can easily stand out & the advertising costs will also be generally lower than Google.

I’ve not seen many dropshippers use Bing ads but if I find something about it, then I will surely link it in this blog.

Let’s jump on the 5th point of Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads.

5. Pinterest Ads

Now, most people don’t know this but Pinterest ads actually work very well with a specific group of products.

For example, a Jewelry store can do really well with Pinterest ads because it’s the product image that appeals to the customer & Pinterest is a platform based on beautiful Images.

Not only that Pinterest has 60% of women & 40% men users.

Dropshipping with Pinterest is actually more realistic than you thought.

If you want to check out all the stats on Pinterest ads & how you can get starting with dropshipping on Pinterest ads then check out the guide here.

Let’s jump on the 6th point of Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads.

6. YouTube Advertising

As we are approaching Valentine’s day on 14th Feb, I’ve been seeing an ad on YouTube that leads me to a dropshipping store related to a valentine’s day gift.

Now I would rate their targeting 1/10 as I don’t have a girlfriend & I’m still seeing the ads, so jokes on them.

But as I have mentioned before that users are 80% more likely to purchase a product with an video ad, YouTube just does that.

High Ticket dropshipping products can really benefit from YouTube advertising as it can cover the advertising cost compared to a low ticket product.

7. BONUS | Instagram Page Flipping

This is not for everyone but buying Instagram pages & running your dropshipping ads on it for a week & reselling it can generate profit.

But if you do so, you can be distracted from your dropshipping store, but if you can handle it then it’s a win-win situation.

You can easily purchase an Instagram store on eBay or by dm’ ing small Instagram pages with good engagement rates.

If you have a pretty decent budget then I’d say go for it & it’s really an asset after all if you can’t sell it then you can use it as your company page with great social proof.

Conclusion | Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads

So that’s how you can start a dropshipping store without Facebook ads.

If you give it some time & test out which works best for you then this can be great as you don’t have to depend solely on Facebook ads for your business.

Dropshipping without Facebook ads can be tough but once you find the right platform for your products, it will be smooth.

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog “Dropshipping Without Facebook Ads”

Have questions? Comments? Leave them below & I’ll answer them.

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