6 Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers to Expect in 2020

6 Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers to Expect in 2020

As the new year has started I though what could be a better idea then to write about the 6 Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers to Expect in 2020

As you may know, the dropshipping business is going to explode in 2020 according to Google trends.

Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers

Every year is different from the previous ones as we catch new trends, new marketing methods, etc along the way. So what dropshipping trends should you expect in 2020?

I have gathered some data from different channels & In this blog, we’ll talk about how can you take advantage of these trends & kickstart your dropshipping business.

Let’s get started with the 6 Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers to Expect in 2020.

6 Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers to Expect in 2020

Below are the 6 Dropshipping trends that you should expect in 2020 & how you can take advantage of these trends.

1. White labeling Dropshipping Products

As the eCommerce industry grows bigger & bigger, all brands are focusing on the product experience & a big part of a great product experience is the packaging & branding of the product.

Many dropshippers are now creating brands & white labeling the products with the help of fulfillment companies & agents in china.

A good example of a dropshipping store that turned in to a brand with white labeling is BlendJet.

Even big brands like Amazon & Walmart have their own white-labeled products.

So dropshipping with your manufacturer’s brand name is considered out-dated in 2020.

2. One Product Dropshipping Stores

As more & more dropshippers are becoming aware of how easy it is to set up & manage a one product dropshipping store, the number of dropshippers with one product stores are growing.

A big difference a one-product store makes is the product page has now taken over the Homepage.

You no longer have to navigate your way to the product page as the one product store only has one product & is listed to buy directly on the homepage to increase conversions.

If you want to read more about General Store VS One Product Dropshipping store, check this out.

One product dropshipping stores also have the advantage of white labeling the product as there is only one product to white label.

Whereas if you own a general store then you would have to white label 100s of products in order to get your brand name out.

3. Product Descriptions that Sell

Dropshippers are focusing on product descriptions more now as it’s out now that the compelling the product description is, the more likely the visitor is going to convert.

Product descriptions are one of the most important factors when it comes to dropshipping stores, as visitors directly land on the product pages, your product description should be able to increase your conversions.

If you still just copy & pasting your manufacturer’s product description, then dropshipping is over for you in 2020.

Also, Videos are popping up in the product descriptions so visitors don’t have to jump on youtube to watch the product video & according to Niel Patel:

Product videos can increase purchases by 144%

These stats show how adding videos can drastically increase your conversion rates & many dropshippers have started to use videos in product description & we can expect this trend growing faster in 2020.

4. Dominating Social Media

Social media platforms are the only way a drop shipper gets quick traffic & sales.

But in 2020 advertising on social media like Facebook & Instagram is expected to be more competitive but the good news is there are many new social media platforms.

Dropshippers can use new social media platforms like Tiktok in a creative way to drive traffic & increase sales in 2020, but we are yet to see that trend.

5. Ecommerce Industry Goes Green

The rapidly growing eCommerce market is going green as online customers are more conscious of climate change.

Running a green business in 2020 has the potential to achieve many goals such as building a positive green image & can boost conversion rates by promoting “For every order, we plant a tree” or something like that.

Dropshippers will be focusing on more green niche such as reusable straws, recycled clothing, etc.

Even big brands like ZARA & H&M are promoting recycled clothing which means the trend is soon to catch up with the eCommerce Industry.

6. Fast Shipping

Dropshipping stores that offer shipping times of 15-30 days are going to close down because no customer is going to wait that long.

Many dropshippers don’t work with a fulfillment center or an agent which results in longer shipping times.

With Shopify starting its own Fulfillment network, as Shopify claims – They hope to make a standard shipping time of 2-3 Days across all US & worldwide in the future.

Slow shipping time can decrease your conversion rates & sooner or later get you out of the business in 2020.

Conclusion for Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers

So that’s the 6 Ecommerce Trends for Dropshippers to Expect in 2020.

I think these are the trends you should look out for in 2020 & I’ll update the list as we go on to keep you guys up-to-date.

There are some common problems you can see that repeat here such as Fast Shipping, Product descriptions, One product store, etc.

These problems existed from the day 1 but as we grow in the eCommerce industry, you’ll have an intense competition & to undercut the competition, you’ll be to be able to provide solutions to the above problem.

Dropshipping is not going anywhere, but as smart dropshippers enter the market, the young & dumb dropshippers will be out of business soon if they can’t keep up.

You have to keep up with the trends in order to be different & unique from our competitors who can’t keep up with the trends.

I hope you liked this blog & let me know what you think?

Have questions? Comments? leave them below & I’ll answer them.

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