7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020

7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020

Finding the right product is like finding the right girl….just kidding. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Let’s start with “7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020 “

When I was starting out, finding the right product was the challenge I faced & no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find the perfect product to dropship.

And I’ve seen people every day on dropship communities asking the successful dropshippers which product do they sell but of course no-one’s gonna tell them.

Once you find a successful product to dropship, you will not tell other people too because who wants a competition right?

There are many successful methods out there from which you can learn how to find the perfect product to sell & I’ll show you exactly the same in this blog 7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020

Finding the right product to sell is half battle conquered. Of course, the other half depends on how you run your advertisements.

Following this blog, you’ll be able to find trending products right now & hopefully succeed in the dropshipping game.

So let’s dive in.

7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020

Below are the 7 different methods you can try to find the perfect product to sell & plus one bonus tip on how can you make your dropshipping product really successful.

1. Using Social Media to Find Trending Products

One way I personally find the most dropshipping ads is by using Facebook & Instagram only.

What I try to do is as suggested by many dropshippers I click on every advertisement I see on Instagram & Facebook which I think is a dropshipping product & I go to the website & Add to cart & then close the website.

After doing this multiple times, Facebook & Instagram will bombard you with mainly dropshipping ads.

So this is where the magic happens. Once you get all the dropshipping ads on your Facebook feed & Instagram feed & stories, all you need to do is find the most repeated advertisement you saw.

Now I don’t mean the repeated advertisement from the same store but Instead, find products that you saw repeatedly & are sold by different vendors. (hope that makes sense).

So, for example, you see the same fidget spinner sold by ABC company, XYZ company, PQR company.

So you know they are dropshipping the product.

The products you found the most repeated is the product with the most potential & is trending right now. Because if it weren’t then no one would advertise it.

And I’ll show you how to confirm that the product will sell for sure in just a minute.

2. Using Facebook to Find Trending Products

Now, this method is quite known among dropshippers but still I’ll put this method here too.

The “Get Yours Now” Method on Facebook to find trending products.

It’s actually a great way to find a trending product based on user feedback on the post such as likes, comments or shares.

All you need to do is Enter the Keyword – “Get Yours Now” Or “50% OFF FREE SHIPPING”

By entering these keywords, Facebook will show you most of the dropshipping ads just like these.

Facebook Search Page for Finding Video & Photos with Engagement

As you can see many of these are dropshipping product posts & have 100,000+ user feedback on them.

This shows that the product that is doing good has proven to be an excellent product to dropship & that’s why dropshippers are spending money to run ads.

Not only this you can also click on the “VIDEO” tab above & find many more interesting products & the best thing is you will also have the ad copy that is proven to sell.

But you shouldn’t start dropshipping right after seeing the product here. I’ll show you how can you make sure the ad/product works in the later points.

3. Piggy Back Method to Find Trending Products

I learned this method recently watching a dropshipping course which was totally not worth it $597 from Justin Painter & I’ve never seen a shittier course than that. A classic example of a fake guru.

But anyways I do it because to keep up-to-date on dropshipping & learned this new method as well.

So what this method is, all you need to do is follow meme pages (because they have a very high engagement rate) that have more than $500k followers & follow as many as possible. (100-300) if possible.

Because meme-pages have more engagement rates than any other niche, dropshippers tend to advertise their products on meme pages.

As you can sell below, Nugget is a famous Instagram meme page & has over 7m followers.

Instagram Meme Page "Nugget" with 7 million Followers

And as you can see there’s always a recent advertisement that they ran or there’s a link to another website (Fashion Nova) which is not a dropshipping store but still you get the point.

Once you follow more & more meme pages you’ll start to see ads that may be repetitive & those are the products worth selling.

Most of the meme pages charge $500-$1000 or more & if a dropshipper is paying that kind of money to a meme page then the product definetly has great potential.

4. Using BigSpy to Find Trending Products

Now BigSpy is a free tool but not totally free though but you can still find some great products that are currently selling on Facebook.

7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020

I mainly like to use filters like Platform = Shopify, Country, CTA (Shop Now), And the dates.

But you can play around some other stuff to find more unique products & find out which ad is performing the best & then testing the product.

5. Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is a popular website to search trending products & niche.

While you won’t find a perfect product to sell directly from browsing Trend Hunter, but surely you can get some ideas about products or niches that are trending & hopefully find a product you can sell.

Trend Hunter is great for gaining a better understanding of what’s trending & what’s not.

The Home Page of the Website Called Trend Hunter

What I personally is I browse Trend Hunter & Aliexpress at the same time to find great products & check Google Trends to see if the product is really trending.

But remember dropshipping from AliExpress should be quick as customers want products as soon as possible.

6. Using MYIP.MS to Find Trending Products

MYIP.ms is a great tool to find the top Shopify store’s currently, what are they selling & how are they selling.

Just head over to MYIP.ms

The Home Page of the website called MYIP.ms to find Shopify Stores

And choose Shopify, Inc in the Parent IP Owner section & Hit search.

Trending Products

You’ll be able to see all the Shopify stores from top to bottom & also you’ll be able to see Shopify stores that are in your niche & find out the website design, check-out process, newsletters & stuff like that.

You can also spy on their ad copies & creatives by going to Facebook Ads Library & searching for that particular dropshipping store name.

You can take inspirations from the above stores which most drop shippers lack.

7. Basic Product Research to Find Trending Products

The seventh way you can find trending products is by looking at basic stuff like browsing Amazon, Checking on Google Trends, Browsing AliExpress Dropshipping Center & analyzing the products.

All these websites have a huge amount of customer data & you are the one who can profit from it.

Basic product research is just keeping an eye open for while doing your day to day work. Keep looking for product opportunities.

I totally believe that if you put your mind on something & you constantly look for it, then you can find it.

There is no secret way to find a 100% profitable product. Just keep an eye on the market & trends & you can ride the next big wave.

8. Bonus Ad Spying

As I said earlier not all products you come across will be profitable for many reasons such as an ad creative or ad copy.

You should know how your competitors are running ads & what ad copy or creative they are using so you can have an idea of what works & what doesn’t.

And there is a way to do that! Just head over to Facebook ads library & type in your competitor’s Facebook Page name & boom!

7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020

You can see all ad copies & creatives your competitor uses & you’ll have an idea of what works & what doesn’t.

I hope this helps.


TEST, TEST & TEST is the key to finding a successful product & if you fear testing new products because it might lose you money, then eCommerce dropshipping is not for you.

You might lose some, but returns on your Investments will be great.

I hope you took some value from this blog – “7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020”

Have any questions? Comments? Leave them below & I’ll answer them.

See you in the next one.

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7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020
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7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020
Finding the right product is like finding the right girl....just kidding. It doesn't have to be that hard. Let's start with "7 Ways To Find Killer Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020 "
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