General Store VS One Product Store: Dropshipping in 2020

General Store VS One Product Store: Dropshipping in 2020

In this blog, we’ll talk about General Store VS One Product Store: Dropshipping in 2020

Everyone who starts a dropshipping store will always have this question in mind: Should I start a general store? OR Should I start one product store?

As dropshipping is going to explode in 2020, this question needs to be answered.

Google Trends Showing the Dropshipping Trend

General store & one product store both have their own pros & cons & it’s hard for newbies to decide which e-commerce store they want to start.

So in this blog, I’ll break down what exactly is a general dropshipping store & what is a one product dropshipping store.

Let’s dive in.

General Store VS One Product Store: Dropshipping in 2020

Below are the in-depth pros & cons & also my personal opinion on which store you should go with.

1. What is a General Dropshipping Store

A general dropshipping store is an eCommerce website that doesn’t sell products in a specific niche. The store sells products in various niches such as a store selling electronic products, phone cases & clothing.

A general store is more like a departmental store where you can almost find anything but does that mean the profits of a general dropshipping store is higher than a one-product dropshipping store?

General dropshipping stores are harder to manage as newbies because dropshipping is easier said than done.

Let’s look at some of the Pros & cons of starting & managing a general dropshipping store.

Pros of General Dropshipping Stores

  • Easy to Start

A general dropshipping store is relatively easy to start compared to one product store. As the market is always changing & trending products come & go, a general store can easily can a wave as it does not require you to focus on a single niche. You can easily add 50 trending products and see what sells the best.

  • No Research Needed

As general stores can add as many trending products they want, no research is really needed when starting a general store.

  • Generic Traffic

When you advertise a general store on Facebook or Google, the traffic that will land on your website will have more options to buy as if they didn’t like one product they can always see the second product on your store & make a purchasing decision.

  • Cross-selling

Cross-selling is a way to increase your conversion rates by offering your customers an add-on. It is proven great for the general store because of the wide range of products available.

A great example of a general store cross-selling products is Amazon:

General Store VS One Product Store: Dropshipping in 2020
  • Quick Testing

We all know that TEST, TEST, TEST is the key to any successful dropshipping store. You cannot tell which product is going to do great or is going to fail without testing the product.

A general dropshipping store makes it easy to test because of it’s generic branding which can be used for any product.

Cons of General Dropshipping Stores

  • Too-Much to Handle

A general dropshipping can be a huge mess because there are so many products to keep an eye on. You have to import too many products, keep an eye on the Inventory on all the products, write product descriptions, SEO, Pricing, marketing, Images, videos & the list goes on.

  • Marketing Budget

While a general store is great for testing, but testing a product on the market requires a huge marketing budget & I doubt that people have that kind of money to test products that have no guaranteed results.

Also in 2020 with digital marketers & dropshippers growing day-by-day, Facebook & Google marketing prices are on the way to increase.

So unless you have a ton of money to waste for product validation, I suggest you not to get your hands dirty in general dropshipping store.

  • Cut-throat competition

A general product store has very intense competition because you are selling all products in all niches & you’ll have at least a few competitors maybe on Amazon or eBay who are impossible to compete with.

As you’ll be testing out more than one product at a time, you’ll marketing expenses will be 10X your competition & you wouldn’t be able to compete with a one-product store or a niche store.

  • Low Conversions

Conversions for a general store will be always low compared to one product dropshipping store or a niche store because one product dropshipping store has more relevant traffic than the general dropshipping store.

  • No Strategy & SEO

There’s just too much to take care of in a general store that 99% of the time you won’t be able to come up with a strategy or an SEO plan.

Examples of General Dropshipping Store

A very good example of a general dropshipping store is Woowlish

General Store VS One Product Store

You can also check out HygoShop as it also a general dropshipping store.

General Store VS One Product Store

If you have made up your mind for a general dropshipping store then I would definetly recommend you checking out Woowlish & HygoShop & take some design & management inspirations.

2. What is a One Product Dropshipping Store

A one-product dropshipping store is a store when dropshippers only sell & focus on one product.

One product dropshipping store has a huge success rate compared to the general store mainly because general stores can have a hard time marketing whereas One product stores can easily target & market a specific audience.

Let’s look at some of the Pros & cons of starting & managing one product dropshipping store.

Pros of One Product Dropshipping Stores

  • Easy Management

A one-product store is very easy to manage compared to a general dropshipping store. One product dropshipping store is like a small business that will require very little time & resources to manage.

  • Laser Targeted Audience

A one product dropshipping store gives you the flexibility to focus on only one product & thus resulting in an effective & laser targeted audience. When you have only one product to sell, then you can take your time & analyze your potential customer’s interest, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

  • Less Competition

Since you are selling one product only you can utilize 100% of your marketing budget on testing the right audience & customer persona which will give you an upper hand as general store owners can’t utilize 100% of their marketing budget on a single product.

  • High Conversions

Since you have a laser targeted audience & less competition, one product dropshipping store will have a very high conversion rates. This is also because since you have only one product you can really focus on the Facebook ad copy, Product description, Images, etc.

  • Authoritative

A one product dropshipping store have an authoritative image in the minds of consumer because they only specialize in one product they sell. People will rather pay something extra to buy from a specialized store than a generic store.

  • Easy SEO

Now because your site can be trusted as an authoritative site & you have a clear vision on who your customer persona is, SEO with blogging & link building gets fairly easy.

  • Great Customer Support

As you as a dropshipper are only focusing on one product, you will know all the perfect details about your product & how it works & what will break them, etc. If you have great knowledge about your product then your customer service will be world-class & customers will appreciate it.

Cons of One Product Dropshipping Stores

  • Testing Limitations

One product dropshipping store has testing limitations. You can only test one product at a time respective to the website design & domain.

  • Heavy Research

Before starting a one-product store, you will have to do in-depth market research on the product & why people buy it. You’ll have to research the customer persona beforehand too.

  • Takes more time

Because of the testing limitations & conducting heavy research, one product dropshipping stores can take time to setup & if it fails then you’ll have to do everything from scratch ie-domain, design, research, etc.

  • Time of No demand

All one product dropshipping stores come to a point when there is no more demand for that particular product and this is what stops many dropshippers from starting a one product dropshipping store.

  • Not a Long Term Scope

As there will be a time where there is no demand for your product or diminishing demand, one product dropshipping stores do not have a long term scope. You have to close/sell & move on to the next.

Examples of One Product Dropshipping Store

A great example of a one product dropshipping store is Blendjet

Shopify Website Dropshipping

My Opinion on General Store VS One Product Dropshipping Store

Whenever someone asks me if they should go with general or one product store, I always recommend them going with one product dropshipping store.

One product dropshipping store is suitable for new dropshippers as they learn to ride the wave & focus only on one product with only one customer demographic.

Then many people also say that what happens when your product has no demand? You are a dropshipper. Dropshipping is not a long-term business plan.

A long term business plan is when you are selling a product or service which you are providing personally.

Dropshipping business is the one product store where you have to find a product that sells & market the sh*t out of it & then move on to the next product research.

But at the end of the day it all depends on you. If you think general dropshipping store is good for you then by all means, go for it.


So I hope you liked the blog – General Store VS One Product Store: Dropshipping in 2020

Make sure you know the business when you are stepping your foot in the dropshipping business & don’t take any dropshipping courses because they are full of shit.

Have any questions? Comments? Leave them below & I’ll answer them.

Good luck with your dropshipping/eCommerce store!

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