How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?

How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?

So, How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?

Dropshipping is getting big day by day & starting a dropshipping store has never been easy than in 2019 but at the same time the competition is very high & so are the shipping time.

Even though you are passionate enough & willing to put time, money & effort, there are a lot of things that can drag you down & crush your business if you don’t address & solve them.

And Shipping time is one of them. So how to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store? how to eliminate 30 day shipping time? & how not to crush your business at start?

Read the full blog on how to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store? & you’ll know the answer.

Let’s begin.

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#1) Overview

#2) Fulfillment Centers


As 90% of people & myself, I made the same mistake of dropshipping from Aliexpress & giving my customers a 30-day shipping time for the product they ordered.

At first I thought well customer does not have any other option right? If he wants he can order or I can’t do anything right?

Well, I was wrong. I did get sales but I could see the frustrations in my customer’s emails to me or so.

And as we go on (2019) if you are giving your customers a 30-day shipping time, trust me your eCommerce business will not survive more than a few month or heck a year at last.

Why? because as every eCommerce company in 2019, people are used to getting their shipment within a week (5-7) days.

Take a look at Amazon, if amazon even delayed their shipping times to 7-12 days, they could potentially harm their business.

So if you want to survive in eComm business in 2019 shipping times matter.

But how to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store or even when you are starting out?

Let me show you how.

Fulfillment Centers in China

You might have heard that many dropshippers have agents in China. What they do basically is – You choose your product from Aliexpress – You send the product link to the Fulfilment center – They source the product from outside and bring it to there warehouse – And they ship to worldwide within 5-7 Days thus resulting in a great reduction in shipping time compared to Aliexpress.

There are also many benefits of shipping your product through an agent or a fulfillment center in China ie-

Lower Costs

Not only you get fast shipping but agents or fulfillment centers can cut the product price be 10%-15%.

For example, a product listed on Aliexpress which is on sale for $16, you can get it for $14 through an agent or a fulfillment center.


Even if you get 30-day shipping you are not going to get shipment tracking number which can be very stressful if Paypal needs it to verify that you shipped the product & if you do not provide the tracking number chances are your Paypal account will be put on hold for review.

White Labeling

If you are getting some consistent sales and if you are planning of white labeling the product. and fulfillment centers or agents can help you do that.

Quality checks

There can be circumstances in which the original seller can ship you a defective product (non-intentionally), not to mention the customer has already awaited that product for 30+ days & get a defective product.

Chances are they are going to be pissed & maybe request a refund. And keep in mind you can get banned from Shopify if you receive a certain amount of chargebacks from customers.

And I have not even mentioned many benefits such as below –

How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?
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There are many fulfillment centers in China for dropshipping, some of them are (Non-Affiliated) – CJ Dropshipping,,,, & many more.

You can get all the prices abut shipment, white labeling, custom packaging & more directly from them & they would be more than happy to help.

In the long run, paying fulfillment centers or agents will be cheap than to free ship but at the cost of 30 Days & a customer you might lose.

How to deal with shipping time for your new dropshipping store?

And the only way you keep your customers happy is to provide them a quality checked product & fast shipping time.


So as I said there are many things that can drag you down while starting a new eCommerce or a dropshipping store & one of them which is the most important thing is shipping.

Your standard shipping should be 5-6 Days or at last 7-12 days if you go down than that, you might not see results & your sales will decrease as time goes by.

Even if you don’t get your sales decreased chances are when your customer waits 30 days for a product & it does not satisfy him/her, they might chargeback or request a refund & that will be bad for your store as well as your money will be wasted as.

If you are serious enough about the dropshipping store or your eCommerce store or your any online store make sure you satisfy your customer & provide timely shipments to them.

Also make sure you find a good fulfillment center or an agent in China. I have mentioned some & you can also find some new through Dropshipping Groups on Facebook or Reddit.

You can find a lot of agents there are drop shippers require agents now more than ever. But make sure you just don’t trust anyone, If possible go with the referral so you know the fulfillment center is legit or the agent is legit so you don’t get scammed.

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Also what do you guys think? Does shipping matters to you as a consumer?

Let me know in the comments below & leave a comment if you have a question.

Hope my blog was helpful & talk to you soon 🙂

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