How to Increase Sales of Your New E-commerce Store for free?
How to Increase sales of your new eCommerce store for free

How to Increase Sales of Your New E-commerce Store for free?

How to Increase Sales of Your New eCommerce Store for free must be the most common & annoying question that pops up in your brain when you start an eCommerce store right?

Keep reading & I’ll give you 4 steps on how to Increase Sales of Your New E-commerce Store for free & hopefully you’ll be able to increase your traffic & sales at the same time.

Let’s go!

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Table of content :

  • Understanding & Giving Value to Customers
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Communities

Step 1 – Understanding & Giving Value to increase sales of your new eCommerce store.

Okay what Understanding & Giving Value to Customers means?

Understanding means you have to understand your market (Niche) you are selling in. You have to understand why the customer buys that product, understand what value that product gives to that customer & what value you can provide aside from just selling the product.

And what value you will be providing to your customer aside from the product you are selling? Most eCommerce stores provide no value to the customer whatsoever & that’s the main problem. If you want to Increase Sales of Your New E-commerce Store for free you will have to start to provide something valuable aside from just shoving your product in your customers Facebook & Instagram feed.

So Start a Blog

how to start a blog for an ecommerce store

Starting a blog will not only help you gain more traffic but also you will attract more & more in your Niche to read your blogs & eventually it will start to build trust & and you will start seeing results.

After all, 70% of your customers would rather learn about your business through an article than an advertisement.

Blogging can be very easy. You can start a blog on fashion, Health, Wealth, Lifestyle, Kitchen, Home decor, etc.

All you have to do is start a blog related to your eCommerce store. For eg – if it’s clothing start a fashion blog. If it’s healthcare start a Healthcare blog, & so on. Post regular tips & Increase your audience for free. If you are having a hard time finding your blogging niche refer here

You can learn more about blogging here. You can also share your blogs on websites like Medium to get free traffic to your blog.

Step 2 – Affiliate Marketing to increase sales of your new eCommerce store.

You must’ve heard about affiliate marketing. It’s basically you provide a commission to anyone who sells your product through their website or Influencers through their Social Media.

What is affiliate marketing & how can we use in in ecommerce

So how can you start an affiliate marketing program for your website?

There are many ways you can do that –

Goaffpro is a website where you can register your online eCommerce business & start an affiliate program. Influencers on Goaffpro will see your program & Interested Influencers will start linking your store to their social media & start to increase sales of your New eCommerce Store for free. You get sales and they get a commission you decide. A win-win situation.

Refersion is an incredibly powerful referral platform. With over 100 reviews and a five-star rating, it’s certainly one of the apps you’ll want to checkout. Best of all, it scales with your business. Start out on a free plan, and as you see the need to expand your affiliate offerings, upgrade to a paid plan.

Another popular affiliate marketing app is LeadDyno. LeadDyno integrates with your Shopify store with just a few clicks and is highly customizable. Pay your affiliates automatically or with “one-click” approval using PayPal, Dwolla or even Coinbase. LeadDyno totals and pays out affiliate commissions for you on the fly.

With thousands of business owners using Omnistar as their preferred affiliate software, they’re for sure a platform you won’t want to skip when doing your initial testing. With big clients like Macy’s and Cisco, you know the software has to be good. You can get started with a 15-day free trial to play around with Omnistar.

Use Influencers & Customers to increase sales of your new eCommerce store.

You can reach out to influencers & ask them to post a review about your product and in-return he/she can have the product for free. Many new influencers will go for this opportunity as who doesn’t like free stuff.

Also, Visitors to your website are already familiar with your brand to some extent, making them potential candidates for your affiliate program. Plus, this is where nearly a quarter of affiliate marketers find out about new programs. Promote your affiliate program on your site with a link in an out of the way but still easily accessible place like your footer, and create a page dedicated to the program and highlighting the benefits of joining. Here’s how Pooch Perks does it.'s Affiliate program

Step 3 – Email Marketing to increase sales of your new eCommerce store.

As of 2019, email marketing is on the news many times. If you are one of the people who think email marketing is dead you should definitely read Niel Patel’s Blog about 13 reasons why email marketing is not dead.

Email marketing is very effective as email still remains one of the best ways to reach a customer directly & personally at there Inbox. You can send a personalised email with there names (automated) and grab their attention.

But still, as a new e-commerce store, you will have to collect emails from customer’s visiting your website/blog.


You can do that by either adding a pop-up at your website & offering them a coupon code send directly at their Inbox or you can run a giveaway on social media in which customer can enter there email & win. Obviously you will have to spend money but that will be worth it. Trust me, people buy email list for $1000s of dollar just to market their product.

Direct mail is still a great way to reach your audience, grab their attention, and connect with them on a personal level.

Step 4 – Join Communities to increase sales of your new eCommerce store.

I’ve said this thousand times that you need to join communities on social media platforms like Reddit & Facebook. Mainly on Reddit, as there are many communities that are very friendly & many new eCommerce store owners talk there.

Joining a community can help in many different ways. Firstly it will help you get in contact with different eCommerce store owners. Secondly, any problems you face while starting you can ask in communities & many people are willing & very fast to solve those problems. Third, making contact with other entrepreneurs will not only help you increase your contacts but also to make friends & maybe the start of a collaboration. There are infinite things that can happen when two minds meet.


You might think writing a blog will be boring, contacting influencers will be annoying & all this stuff will take too much time. But this stuff will help you in the future & make you 10 steps closer to success than your competitor. Not only this will help you in the long run but also customers will be able to recognize your brand & your service will eventually boost your eCommerce sales & traffic.

I hope I didn’t take too much of your time. This is a short but important guide on How to Increase Sales of Your New eCommerce Store for free.

Did you implement any of the above steps in your business? Did you see any results? Let me know in the comments below.

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