8 Tips to Prevent Your Facebook Ad Account From Getting Disabled

8 Tips to Prevent Your Facebook Ad Account From Getting Disabled

Let’s get started with “8 Tips to Prevent Your Facebook Ad Account From Getting Disabled or Suspended

With newbies coming in eCommerce/dropshipping niches every day, Facebook suspending ad account is getting common nowadays.

But many people make mistakes that are totally 100% preventable but because they simply don’t know the policies, almost every newbie gets their Facebook ads account disabled.

As Facebook is the main source of bringing traffic & potential customers to your store, it’s important that you know the do’s & don’ts of running a Facebook ad/campaign.

As a result of Facebook suspending ads account many people have to shut down their newly started online business which is painful, but no worries after reading this blog you’ll probably never get suspended.

Also as a BONUS, I’ll show you what I did when my Facebook ad account got blocked & how I’m running ads now without getting it blocked ever again.

Let’s dive in.

8 Tips to Prevent Your Facebook Ad Account From Getting Disabled or Suspended

Ps – The above YouTube video is not mine but I thought Ben did a really great job explaining & it would be really helpful for you guys.

1. Read the Policies

This is no brainer.

Anyone starting new with Facebook ads should always read the Facebook ad policies as it does not take more than 10 mins of your time.

The number 1 reason that many people get their Facebook ad account suspended is their policy violations are totally preventable if they read the policies.

Here are some of the most common ones –

  1. Avoid prohibited content such as Illegal product services, Tabacco or Drug-related, Unsafe supplements, Adult content/services, copyrighted material, misleading claims, any harm to consumer products/services, & a ton more.
  2. Promoting subscription services must include the ad copy e.g. “Subscription required”
  3. Get rich quick scheme/claim
  4. Images with 20% Text policy, Non-copyrighted, No Nudity, No QR codes, etc.

Please check the full Facebook Ad Policy HERE

2. Start off Right

To prevent your Facebook ad account from getting disabled, starting off right is the key part of it.

The first thing to keep in mind will be to use a Facebook account that is at least a year old.

Never ever open a Facebook ad account with a new Facebook ID because sooner or later it will be disabled.

The second thing to keep in mind will be to always use a business manager for your ad account.

Even if you don’t have a registered business, USE BUSINESS MANAGER.

And the third thing is always create as many ad accounts possible in your business manager.

A typical new business manager allows 5 Ad accounts in 1 Business manager.

So if your 1 account get’s disabled you will still have 4 & you can even increase the limit after some time by contacting Facebook support.

3. Start off Slow

This is more of a personal choice rather than a Facebook advised choice.

I personally open new Facebook ad accounts & don’t use them for a while like a week or 2.

After that, I only run 1-2 campaigns at the start & after running 1-2 campaigns for at least 2-3 weeks then I scale up.

Running $500 or a $1000 campaign on the 1st day or week of your business manager sure raises a red flag & your account will come under review resulting in suspension.

Going slow builds trust & if your account is in good standing for a long period of time then the chances of your Facebook ad account getting suspended are pretty low.

4. Your Ad

Now comes in your ad copy.

Your advert is as important as any other factor in Facebook advertising & slight mistakes can suspend your Facebook ad account.

Heck, too many grammar mistakes in your ad copy can lead to suspension.

As I said before, launching any of your ads just spend 5 mins of your time by looking at Facebook ads policy & you will find mistakes if any.

There are many restrictions for the ad copy text like if you are providing a subscription-based service then you are required to put “Subscription Required” in the Headline of the ad copy.

5. Clean Up Your Account

This is something that most people don’t because they want to keep their old campaigns just in case they want it to run in the future but it can be a bad choice.

Facebook makes policy changes every now & then without any prior notice so it can be a possibility that the campaigns you ran in past were in compliance but if you run them after some time they may violate the policy & may lead to suspension

The same thing goes for deleting your Ads that are disapproved by Facebook.

I see many people don’t make any changes to the disapproved ad & re-submit them for approval & that’s a big NO-NO.

If your ad ever gets disapproved, delete it asap & try to find out your mistakes. Change the Ad copy headline or text, If there is a problem with Image/video then make sure to address that.

6. Avoid Multiple IP Addresses

Just like the 1st point, this one is a no brainer as using your Facebook ID or Ad account will raise red flags.

The changes of your Facebook ad account getting suspended will increase if you log in to your account from multiple IPs because the system thinks its a fraudulent account.

The only way is to use your own personal pc or use a dedicated VPS. Never use multiple IPs.

7. Your Lander Matters

Now many people including me didn’t know that when you run an ad & when that ad is in the review process the Website/Landing page that ad is linking too also get’s reviewed as well.

Prevent Your Facebook Ad Account From Getting Disabled or Suspended
Credits – Facebook.com

If you are running an Ad for selling furniture & on the landing page/website, you sell car parts & accessories then it will probably get disapproved.

Continuously trying to run misleading ads will result in the suspension of your website.

The same goes for any other policy, even if you don’t violate any policy on your Ad copy & Text, If your landing page/ website includes anything that is against Facebook ads policy then your ad will be rejected because of contents on your website/landing page.

Funny because this actually happened with me as my ad was totally okay & I though suspending my account was FB’s mistake but after a month or 2 I read the policy & checked my website & the product page had a ton of policy violation resulting in my ad account suspension.

8. Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is something that Facebook collects with the help of users.

If your ad has been reported or hidden by many users then that’s a sign of an ad that might be disturbing, offensive, disruptive, etc.

So if your ad results in negative feedback then suspension of your account isn’t that long.

But I would never worry about that because based on a newbies or Intermideatary dropshippers budget, you will not be showing ads to repetitive customers & that drastically reduces your chance of negative feedback.

Business that do-over 500k in ad spend have a higher risk of negative feedback because of retargeting the same users, etc.

So the thing to keep in mind is to make an ad that does not offend anybody or is in any way disturbing to anyone & you will be good to go.

Conclusion – How to Prevent Your Facebook Ad Account From Getting Disabled

So that’s how you can prevent your Facebook ad account from getting disabled.

Just try to follow all the rules because at the end of the day Facebook ads are reviewed by machine & a slight error can cost you an account.

Generally make sure to double-check everything at the start like ad copy, video, image, text & your landing page of the website.

Sometimes it can get blocked by mistake but 99% of the time it won’t & if it gets make sure you check everything before you contact Facebook support.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

Have questions? Comments? leave them below & I’ll answer them.

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