10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Here’s the deal, Product description is the salesman who sells your product to your website visitors. If he is no good, then your product won’t sell. So In this blog, we’ll talk about the “10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell.”

When a potential customer lands on your website, he/she has many questions about the product from, is it worth purchasing? How’s the quality? Etc.

What I see with many eCommerce or mainly dropshipping stores is that the product description SUCKS!

A recent eCommerce study shows that 20% of the eCommerce purchases fail because of a lack of information on the product description page.

There are many key factors that come into play when a customer decides to buy a product & one of the main factors is product description.

Educating your customers on the key benefits, targeting pain points, unique value proposition & at the last, offering your product as a solution for their problem can help increase conversion rates & build trusts.

So let me show you the 10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell.

Let’s dive in.

10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Below are the 10 ways I personally write product descriptions that sell & that are proven to convert your visitors into your customers.

1. Focus on Your Target Demographic

While writing a product description that sells, you should know what your ideal customer persona is looking for in your product landing page.

Depending on the product he/she will have many questions that your product description needs to solve. Your product should be laser-targeted to your customer persona & as soon as your potential customer lands on the page, he/she should be able to connect with that.

While writing your product description, you should keep your audience in mind that if your audience is young, then you can add some humor to your copy, or if your audience is adults then adding something that they are going through right now like pinning the pain point which we will talk later.

Take a look at DBrand & DBrand has a young audience as a young audience is more likely to buy a new phone & skins to look cool.

This image is a website screenshot of DBrand.com

You can see the point here. Same goes with your brand too. If you don’t know how to communicate with your ideal customer/buyer persona then writing a product description that sells will be hard for you.

2. Focusing on Product Benefits

If you are new to eCommerce you might make the mistake of thinking that your product is the only best thing in the market & customers will kill to buy your product.

But you & me we both know that is not true. Not all your potential customers will buy your product if you don’t sell it to them.

Now I don’t mean you have to put manufacturer, warehouse information, weight of the product & all of that stuff in your product description but instead, you have to sell an experience.

Product Description that sells

Take a look at DBrand’s just one of the many product descriptions that converts visitors into buyers.

Instead of focusing on the product manufacturing & stuff like that, focus on the experience that they will get after purchasing your product. Focus on how your product will solve day to day life, etc.

In quick words, sell an experience they remember.

3. Scannable Product Descriptions

Do you know that an average person has an attention span of 16%

Now keeping in mind that your brand is not Apple & so people won’t give your product the attention it needs. So you have to figure out how can you give as much value as possible.

A great way to do is convert the main features into bullet points instead of writing them in a paragraph that people will not read.

Doing this customers are quickly able to scan the important features & decide to buy instead of just getting bored from looking at 6-7 line paragraphs explaining the main features.

4. Targeting the Pain Points

Pinning down the pain points is one of my favorite ones.

Pain point ad copy or product descriptions works soo well that I can’t stretch that enough.

Pain point is merely pointing out the pain they already have in their life & offering them a solution.

If you’ve researched your customer persona well then you should know some of the pain points that you can trigger for your benefit.

People impulse buy products that are based on pain points & if you can trigger the pain point efficiently in your product description then you can convert visitors into customers easily.

5. Using Videos for Product Description

Almost 80% of the eCommerce store owners don’t have a video embedded on the product page & that’s a lot of customers that leave their website.

Now think from a consumer side, You get all the product features & information, but you don’t know how that product feels in hand. Now many people don’t buy the product if your products look cheap in images (Which we’ll talk about later).

10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

And if someone is really interested in your product & wants to see a live demonstration the he/she will go to Youtube & search for the product & then decide. But doing this, your customer now has an option to buy directly from the youtube’s product description.

You want to AVOID this at all costs. So embedding a product video is the wisest thing to do if you want to convert visitors into customers.

Do you know, Product videos can increase purchases by 144%.

(Neil Patel, 2017)

Using videos for product description can really improve your chances of converting visitors into buyers.

6. Using Power Words for Product Description that sells

Using power/authoritative words can trigger physiological or emotional response & these words can compel people to take action.

As an eCommerce store owner power words can be very useful to increase conversion rates & many top companies use it all the time.

Only a single word change in a headline of your Product Description can dramatically increase conversions.

Let’s take a look at Canva’s famous catch-phrase.

10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Using words like Stunning & Professional are simple yet powerful words as they describe the feeling of how their design will turn out using Canva & how clients will see the designs.

Here’s a list of 155 Power Words to Power Your Ecommerce Store.

7. Optimizing Your Product Description for SEO

SEO in eCommerce stores is rare. And it’s totally okay if you don’t do SEO for your website because generally people drive traffic through Facebook & Google Ads to their store.

But Using SEO in your product description can be very useful to drive traffic on to your store & attract new customers.

SEO for product description starts with keyword research & you can use Ubersuggest as it’s an excellent tool for keyword research & it’s totally free.

Here’s where you can edit your SEO on your Shopify store- Just Go to All Products on the left-hand side & scroll all the way down.

Product Description that sells

When you click on edit SEO:

Product Description that sells

You can see how your products look in search engines & Placing keywords in places like Image Alt tags, Meta Description, Product Headline & Product description can drastically increase your chances of ranking higher than your competitor.

8. Using Good Images

In consumer minds it’s simple. Trashy Images = Trashy Products.

If there was one thing that people don’t like about eCommerce is they can’t feel the products in hand.

But as we move more forward in the tech game, it’s no longer a problem because now people can feel the product visually.

If your product is not visually appealing then customers don’t feel that your product is worth buying.

Do you know, 63% of consumers think that images are more important than description or reviews.

Have great quality & at least 5+ photos is very important as your potential customers will decide on the basis of that, if your product is worth buying or not.

9. Social Proof Aka Reviews

Now reviews play an important role in an eCommerce store because as of in 2019 there are millions of eCommerce stores & not all stores are branded.

Branded stores do not require reviews on their landing pages but Yes, you do.

Do you know 90% of people first check out online reviews before making a purchase.

You can use apps like Loox for Shopify to get reviews on your product pages.

This does not mean you should have 100% positive reviews but reviews should contain at least 72% positive comments & 28% slightly negative comments.

Social proof / Reviews can increase your brand loyalty as a person who takes the time to write a review for your product is also more likely to suggest your products to his/her friends/family.

10. Scarcity, Pop-ups & more.

Now many eCommerce stores not always run a scarcity sale or anything but having a scarcity bar can also increase your conversion rates.

Same goes with Inventory bars as these elements trigger’s an action in the minds of the customer that it’s now or never.

Though many people use it for only sales but these elements can work all year.

Let’s take an example of 5th the watch company by Greta Van Riel. It’s a watch company but not a typical one.

The 5th only sells watches on the 5th of every month for 5 days & that creates an element of scarcity & exclusivity which in turn improves conversion rates & hey, 1million on the first day speaks for itself.


So that’s 10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

I hope it was helpful to you guys.

I would recommend you going over this 1-2 times & really mastering the last outcome. Because only remembering this blog won’t help you get the perfect product description.

If you need any help with product description that sells, let me know in the comments below & I would be happy to help.

Have comments? Questions? Leave it in the comment section below & we can have a chat.

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    10 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell
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