Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

In this blog, we’ll talk about a general problem that is Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

Getting traffic but no sales or conversion is a problem about 90% of new dropshippers face.

There are many reasons you are getting traffic on to your Shopify store, but not getting any sales. Basically, you have a 0% conversion rate & you are bleeding money!

Not targeting the right audience, non-optimized website, out-dated product, Ad-copy problems, etc. these are just the upper reasons why your store is generating traffic but not converting the traffic into sales.

And this can be really tough to figure out as a new dropshipper as your lack of confidence in product, website, ad copies, audience, basically everything. But that’s okay, as we all go through it when we start.

Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

But this is the most important thing to figure out, as if you don’t convert your traffic into sales then, you will lose money every day assuming you are running Facebook Ads.

I’ll show you 7 different reasons why your Shopify store is getting traffic but not converting it into sales.

Let’s dive in.

Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

Below are listed 7 different reasons why your Shopify store is getting traffic but not converting it into sales & how can you improve your conversion rates.

1. Targeting The Wrong Audience

You might think that when you start your new dropshipping store & run ads, you will start to get some sales.

Well, that’s not how it works.

Generating traffic through ads is one thing & converting that traffic into sales is one.

When you start your new dropshipping store, you will not have any data of your customers apart from the customer personas you create.

If you don’t have a customer persona yet then enter your email below & we’ll send you a customer persona cheat sheet.

Targeting the wrong audience is the biggest mistake you can make in dropshipping business.

If you market a high-end product to a middle-class man/woman, or dog products to cat owners, then potential buyers may visit your website, but will not purchase anything.

That is why I highly recommend you researching your customer persona’s appropriately so when you start running ads as you will collect the proper data more & more as you go down the road.

But don’t worry about targeting the right audience on the very first day because as you don’t have any data on your potential customers, you’ll have to test many different types of ads, ad-copies, audience, etc.

Still, if you think you are generating the right kind of traffic & still your store is not converting then it brings us to our second reason on why your store traffic is not converting & that is –

2. Problems With Your Landing Page

Let’s say you’ve succeeded with your Facebook ad, your social media post, or whichever tactic you used to generate traffic & get potential customers onto your website.

But it could be the actual page that you’re landing your customers on which is hampering your chances to convert them into a paying customer.

Landing pages play an important part in converting regular traffic to potential customers.

You should always land your customers directly on to your product page of the product you are advertising. Doing this you save a lot of your potential customers time & make it easy for him/her to checkout.

You don’t want to waste time, effort, and money, marketing your products and landing them on a page which doesn’t match up with their expectations.

Your landing page should match the below criteria –

  • Not Spammy
  • At least 4 Product Photos
  • Proper Customer Reviews
  • A Well Written Product Description
  • A Video helps convert better
  • Easy Checkout Button

If your landing page offers the same value that you promised on the ad, then costumers might convert.

Still, if you think you are generating the right kind of traffic & your product landing page is top-notch too then it brings us to our third reason on why your store traffic is not converting & that is –

3. Wrong Product Pricing

I’ve seen people start dropshipping store with a saturated product & price it 3x,4x,5x more than the market price & then complain about getting traffic but no conversion.

What many people in dropshipping does not understand is – dropshipping is based on 2 things & that is your product & how you market your product.

So considering you choose a problem solving or emotional product, the only thing that matters now is marketing & marketing totally depends on your target audience.

So if you price your product 5x to what is the actual current value of that product, targeting the right audience (Which you are still finding as a new dropshipper) will still result in lower sales or no sales as people want to buy that product but it’s just not worth the price, right?

What you want to do is only market the products 2x or 3x, what this will do is increase your conversion rates & sales.

As soon as you hit 100 sales from Facebook ads, then you can start to create a custom lookalike audience, which in turn will help you target the excat audience & skyrocket your sales.

Once you find that your ads are running smooth on Facebook and you are receiving stead sales, then you can increase your product price as you now have the right audience to market too compared to before when you didn’t have one & your product pricing was wrong too.

Also increase your product price to only a certain level in other terms, find a sweet spot that is not too sour or not too sweet.

Still, if you think you are generating the right kind of traffic, your product landing page is top-notch too & product pricing is correct then it brings us to our fourth reason on why your store traffic is not converting & that is –

4. Non-Optimized Website

What I mean by a non-optimized website is that as I have personally reviewed many websites, I’ve found that many people just don’t complete the full store.

Sometimes the speed of the website is wack, there are no proper policies, photos are pixelated, logo looks unprofessional, no options to track the order on the website, & the list goes on.

Basically, if your website is unprofessional & incomplete, it makes you look unprofessional & people start to judge your product/service, customer support based on your website.

Fun Fact – 95% of new Shopify store owners do not put their store logo on the checkout page & it makes a huge impact on the sale.

Unless you are a well-known brand (Which you are not obviously), people are not going to trust the products or services, you are offering.

Your website will have to be 0% spammy & 1000% trustworthy.

Take inspiration from some famous websites such as Toyshades, haus, Biko, etc. Ask yourself that if you were the customer on your website, would you buy it?

Tip – Ask 10 of your friends/family to visit the site & ask them if they would buy from that site if needed.

5. Shipping Rates

We have never charged shipping to any customer ever. Shipping Kills conversion & that’s why so many eCommerce retailers offer free shipping. According to the Baymard Institute, around 61% of people abandon shopping carts because of high costs, including shipping costs.

Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

If you sell a product for $9.99 + $2.99 (Shipping) VS a flat rate of $12.99, the second pricing always wins.

I have personally watched many dropshipping courses when I was starting out, but trust me none of them- not a single one of them charged shipping.

And customers love no-hidden costs. A shipping + tax is just hidden costs for customers & no one loves to pay them.

But there is a way around too. Offering free shipping is very crucial but for +$2.99 you can convince the customers that the shipping will be safe & insured.

The Free Express Shipping & Insured Shipping are both the same. But customers will sometime pay for Insured shipping too & you can make a small amount of money out of that.

6. No Live Chat

There are over 2 Billion active Facebook users on the Internet & 90% of them never log out of their Facebook account ever.

You will be able to chat with those customers online & find out what is stopping them from purchasing from your website.

Live chat also indicates that you have a strong before & after-sales support.

Offering live chat means that when people hit a bottleneck in the purchase process, they can get immediate help. That can increase conversions by up to 45%, according to Neil Patel. Consider adding this feature, especially during the checkout.

Live chat is the fastest channel of online contact, but many businesses still fail to utilize its benefits.

  • Good experiences spread through word of mouth: 29% of consumers have told friends or colleagues about a positive live chat experience
  • Live chat can increase purchases: 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support
  • Live chat can boost customer loyalty: 51% of consumers are more likely to stay with or buy again from a company if they offer live chat support
  • And, they’re happy to spend more! 63% of people who spend between $250-500 a month online are the most likely to both buy from and be loyal to companies that offer live chat.

Remember that live chat is not only a simple tool – it can be used as a robust eCommerce solution. It helps to bring more traffic, provide amazing customer service and, of course, increase conversions.

7. Wrong Advertising Platform

And the last one is you are using the wrong platform to advertise & bring in traffic to your store.

There are many different types of business which require different types of advertising. Like if you want to advertise a video then which platform better than Youtube, Or advertising Images on Instagram is effective & so on.

Every different kind of business requires a different marketing strategies.

Let’s say you are selling a problem based specific product like a Posture corrector.

And you market the product with Facebook ads & target people who work in office, people with back pain, people doing yoga & so.

Whereas if you market the same product with Google ads & target the people by the keywords they type on Google, chances are Google ads will be 80-90% better than Facebook ads.

Because while you are targeting people based on Interest & behavior on Facebook, Google only shows ads to people who are searching for the solution to the back pain they have on Google.

So Google has an audience that has a problem & Facebook has engaged the audience.

Showing the same ads to people with problems & people that are only on Facebook engaged to the content, the audience that has a problem is very likely to purchase it.

If you are new to dropshipping, I would recommend using Google ads as they are more likely to convert.


I hope I cleared some of the top reasons why you are getting traffic but no sale in this blog – Getting Traffic But No Conversion? TRY THESE 7 METHODS

All the reasons I provided above are very critical & you should look out for them on your website too as it hugely impacts the sales.

Traffic & conversion do not go hand to hand as many people think. Bring traffic to your website & converting that traffic into sales are two different things.

The right kind of traffic, the landing page where the traffic lands, the product pricing, optimized website, shipping rates, live chat, proper advertising platforms are all important.

Quick Tips – Join subreddits like r/Shopify, r/Reviewmyshopify, r/dropship to get latest updates on dropshipping businesses & connect with fellow entrepreneurs & learn from each other.

People on these kinds of subreddits are very helpful. As there are people all around the world in these subreddits, you will have support 24/7.

Take your learnings from this post and implement them for your store as soon as possible – any one of these tips could be the problem solver for your business.

If you’ve got any questions about conversion optimization, setting up your store, or eCommerce in general, leave them in the comments section below – we read them all.

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